Today is Decision Day For Many Candidates


Today is a not-so-obviously big day in this year’s election cycle. Candidates filed to run in party primaries who might be having second thoughts about running must withdraw by 5 pm today.

5750780740b75.imageAlready this season we have seen Mayor Dan Sullivan file and withdraw from the U.S. Senate race. Palmer Republican Nancy Campbell and South Anchorage Republican Rebecca Logan both pulled out of their State House races.  Campbell pulled out of her 4-way race just this weekend.

So who else might go before the 5 o’clock bell tolls?

There are rumors David Nees might step out of his Republican primary race against Rep. Liz Vazquez. I asked Nees last night if he was planning on leaving the race and he said “Not unless I change my mind.”

As we wrote last week, there appears to be significant pressure mounting on Ed Cullinane, another candidate in that same district as Nees, though on the Democrat side, to drop out. The move would pave the way for a much better run by Independent Jason Grenn for the seat. To hear Cullinane tell it, though, there isn’t much chance of him stepping aside.

Another rumor floating is that Wasilla Republican Brandon Montano may be reconsidering his State House run against Colleen-Sullivan Leonard.

Other races to watch are crowded four-way House primary races in Kenai-Soldotna and  the area Northwest of Wasilla, slightly less crowded three-way contests among Republicans in House races in Palmer and Homer, and Senate races in retiring Sen. Bill Stoltze’s Palmer district and retiring Sen. Lesil McGuire’s South Anchorage district.

Check back to this post as 5 o’clock strikes and we’ll let you know who has dropped and who is now in it until the end.

UPDATE #2: The Division of Elections website hasn’t updated with any of the withdrawals yet, but I have received word from House District 11 Republican Larry Wood that he has dropped out of that race. That means what was a 4-way Republican primary just last week is now a one-on-one race between Palmer Mayor Delena Johnson and Palmer City Councilman Richard Best.

UPDATE #1: On the Anchorage Hillside, Democrat House candidate Joan Wilson apparently had a change of heart about running against Shirley Cote in the primary and then facing either former Assemblywoman Jennifer Johnston or Ross Bieling in the general election.  She has pulled out.

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