Don Young Announces Fundraising Numbers

Rep. Don Young


Congressman Don Young this afternoon announced details of his second quarter fundraising numbers, only hours after his opponent, Steve Lindbeck boasted a $418K haul.

Young raised far less in the same quarter, $135K, but his press release points out that haul still leaves Young with almost twice as much cash-on-hand, $640K, than his opponent has, $324K.

Steve Lindbeck

Steve Lindbeck

Rep. Don Young

Rep. Don Young

The fundraising totals give both candidates legitimate grounds for crowing. When the Federal Election Commission (FEC) posts both Lindbeck’s and Young’s full reports in the coming days we will peel back both candidate’s spin and have a better idea of what conclusions should reasonably be drawn. Be sure to stay tuned for that analysis.

Until then, the only significant takeaway we can really draw here is perhaps the most important one, that Steve Lindbeck has undeniably now shown he is a credible candidate with the ability to raise enough money to give Young a legitimate race.

That doesn’t mean he will beat Young or is even the favorite at this point, but unlike Alaska’s U.S. Senate contest, this is a real race.

Here is the full press release from Rep. Don Young’s campaign:

Young Campaign Builds Momentum with $640,000 Cash-On-Hand

Announces $135,000 in Quarterly Fundraising

Anchorage, AK — With strong momentum headed into the August primary, Alaskans for Don Young today announced a total of $640,000 cash-on-hand at the end of the second quarter — his second highest total in a decade. Young raised $135,046 in the April to June filing period, garnering wide support and enthusiasm from Alaskans.

“Congressman Young is honored by the continued support of Alaskans who believe in the principles of a limited government, a strong Second amendment, and protecting our economy from job-killing rules and regulations,” said Alaskans for Don Young Campaign Manager Jerry Hood. “Our campaign’s $640,000 cash-on-hand — generated by a wide-ranging group of enthusiastic supporters — will allow our pro-growth message, focused on creating opportunity for Alaskan families and small business and fighting back against “D.C. knows best” policies that jeopardize our state’s future, to reach as many Alaskans as possible.”

Young: Proven Leader for Alaska

Positioned to Fight for Alaska: Congressman Young is strategically positioned to stand up for Alaska’s many interest and priorities through his positions as:

  •         A senior member of the House Transportation Committee and House Natural Resources Committee
  •         The Chairman of the Subcommittee on Indian, Insular and Alaska Native Affairs
  •         Member of the House and Senate Energy Conference, tasked with producing the first energy and natural resourced package in nearly a decade
  •         Lawmaker hand-picked to lead reauthorization efforts on Magnuson-Stevens Act

Legislative Effectiveness: 2014 report card ranks Congressman Young among the most effective lawmakers:

  •         9th for passing bills out of Committee
  •         4th for laws enacted
  •         3rd for working with the Senate
  •         3rd for bills introduced
  •         1st for laws enacted throughout tenure

Recognized as top 10 lawmaker in the U.S. Congress: The Washington Post recently identified Congressman Young as a top 10 lawmaker and recognized him for the laser-like focus he takes when addressing the needs of his constituents.

Young’s 2014 performance was the best among statewide candidates: Young won the 2014 election by 10% — 142,572 to 114,602.

Overwhelming support of Alaskans: Young has received the most votes among statewide elected candidates since 2002. Young’s strong victories show that Alaskans of all ages stand behind his years of effective representation and service to the state and its residents.

Bipartisan Support: Congressman Young is considered one of the most bipartisan members of Congress, constantly working across the aisle to move Alaskan priorities across the finish line. ranks Rep. Young among the highest 5% for joining bipartisan bills, and within the 44thpercentile on the conservative-progressive scale.


  •         Young has proudly received the support of Alaskans from all political affiliations, a fact that has propelled him to victory on 22 separate occasions.

$640,000 cash-on-hand: Young cash-on-hand figures mark second highest total for his campaign in 10 years.

Political Theater: Young’s Democrat challenger continues to spread disingenuous and untruthful information meant distract Alaskans from the big government, job-killing policies he and his party support.

He ignores the fact that Young was an early leader on oil spill response and protection in Prince William Sound, responsible for passing OPA 90 and requiring dual tug escorts, double hulled oil tankers and contingency planning.

He also ignores House rules, which strongly advise members of Congress not to intervene in matters between private parties and companies. The House Ethics Committee’s opinion in these matters is that companies and individuals who are not governmental entities could misinterpret a communication from a Congressional office as a directive and feel undue influence and pressure to make decisions based on the wishes of that Member of Congress. Intervening in private contract negotiations, as suggested by Young’s opponent, would be both unethical and irresponsible.

Money Doesn’t Win Elections — The 2014 Senate race is considered to be the most expensive campaign in the state’s history, with more than $57 million being spent on the race. Yet, the end result came down to a 2.8 percent disparity between candidates. Ultimately, Alaskans want a candidate that supports their values, ideals and principals. Young has been and continues to be that candidate.


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