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Here is a list of the campaigns that raised the most money in this reporting period that ran from February 1 of this year through July 15. This list is dominated by non-incumbents. New candidates are more likely to be embroiled in primary fights and are unencumbered by legislative ethics rules that hamper incumbents from fundraising during regular and special legislative sessions.

Alaskan’s For Bieling $97,160.00
Natasha A Von Imhof $61,533.71
Cathy Giessel $59,733.69
Tom Begich $54,259.95
DeLena Johnson $53,555.88
Vince Beltrami $52,806.62
Ivy A Spohnholz $48,613.66
Craig Johnson $47,800.00
Crystal Kennedy $44,078.62
Luke Hopkins $43,322.50



This list reflects the campaigns who have raised the most money over the entire course of the election cycle. The list favors campaigns that are not only active but got started early. The only late comers to make the list are Tom Begich and Delena Johnson.

Von Imhof deserves praise for her demonstrated ability and commitment to raising campaign cash. She finished $13K above second place finisher Ross Bieling. Unlike Bieling, who’s fundraising total is inflated by the over $100K of his own money he put in, Von Imhof haul came from dozens of supportive individual donors.

Natasha A Von Imhof $142,386.26
Alaskan’s For Bieling $129,951.00
Cathy Giessel $128,260.00
Mike W. Gordon $93,862.43
Gabrielle LeDoux $68,439.88
Jim Colver $67,536.44
Matt Claman $66,881.61
Craig Johnson $58,050.00
Tom Begich $54,259.95
DeLena Johnson $53,555.88



As one might expect, this list is made up entirely by candidates running competitive primary races. Those elections are just under a month away, so it makes sense this is when those campaigns would be ramping up their spending while candidates with general election fights like Sen. Cathy Giessel, Vince Beltrami, and Luke Hopkins are banking their cash.

APOC reports giveth praise and then they take it away. Natasha Von Imhof gets praise for aggressive fundraising, but she has also spent substantially more than any other candidate. There is rumblings among politicos that her early spending hasn’t translated into improved campaign positioning.

Natasha A Von Imhof $55,350.56
Alaskan’s For Bieling $41,484.69
Jim Colver $41,073.29
Chris Birch $35,957.33
Mike W. Gordon $34,660.06
Tom Begich $29,213.98
DeLena Johnson $28,461.69
Adam Crum $27,122.36
George Rauscher $26,328.48
Lora Reinbold $25,280.13



Candidates with no primary challengers make up most of this list. Sen. Cathy Giessel has clearly taken fundraising seriously, resulting in a war chest of $129K, $54K more than any other candidate.

Ross Bieling and Natasha Von Imhof both have tough primary battles coming and they have plenty of cash to fight them. Expect plenty of ads for those two in the coming weeks.

Cathy Giessel $129,553.93
Alaskan’s For Bieling $75,865.65
Natasha A Von Imhof $67,417.48
Gabrielle LeDoux $66,998.54
John B. Coghill Jr. $45,454.00
Matt Claman $44,492.88
Craig Johnson $43,042.15
Mike W. Gordon $42,419.61
Vince Beltrami $41,232.21
Bill Wielechowski $39,286.36



This is really two lists in one. The PFD Voter Registration group is an initiative drive where as all of the other groups on the list are evil, evil special interests (or partisan pass-through groups for special interest money) using their money to influence legislators and candidates.

PFD Automatic Voter Registration $57,845.88
Alaska Cabaret, Hotel, Restaurant and Retailer’s Association Political Action Committee $26,994.32
House Democratic Campaign Committee $26,305.47
Midnight Sun Republican Women’s Club $22,963.50
Anchorage Police Department Employees Association $16,500.00
AK CARE (Alaska Committee for the Advancement of Rural Energy) $13,944.38
Dentists of Alaska Political Action Committee $11,500.00
Fairbanks Republican Women $10,359.90
IAFF Local 1264 PAC $9,500.00

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