Sweeter Look Into Juneau Candidates’ APOC Reports


Juneau Empire — The tooth is out there.

According to new campaign finance disclosure reports, Rep. Cathy Muñoz is enjoying the support of some of Juneau’s dentists, while her electoral opponent, Justin Parish, reported his biggest expense was a dentist’s devil: candy and snacks to pass out at Juneau’s Fourth of July Parade.

“Well, half of what I got were mandarin oranges,” Parish said by phone.

The latest figures posted by the Alaska Public Offices Commission indicate Muñoz’s campaign had, as of July 15, $24,154.13 available for her re-election race in House District 34, which covers the Mendenhall Valley. Parish, a newcomer to state politics, reported having $3,344.82 available to his campaign.

APOC requires candidates to disclose campaign and expenses 30 days, 7 days, and one day before an election. July 15 was 30 days before the Aug. 16 state primary.

Neither Muñoz nor Parish face challengers in the primary. Muñoz is running unopposed as a Republican and Parish is unopposed as a Democrat. Unless one withdraws from the race before the Nov. 8 general election, they will meet on that ballot.

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