Who’s Making Money This Election Season


Below is a table of consulting firms and vendors compiled from Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC) campaign finance disclosure reports. These consultants are hired to provide political campaign-related services, and we’ve put together this handy table that shows who their clients are, and how much they have been paid so far.

The firm Hackney and Hackney has received the most so far at just over $72K. That number is somewhat inflated by including what appears to be substantial ad buys for several clients. Ad buys are mostly pass-through payments from a campaign to the various media outlets running their ads, with the placing agency or consultant taking a small fee for the placement.

From this analysis, it would appear Hackney & Hackney, Ship Creek Group, Dubey Business Services, and Rosco’s Signs appear to be the most active consultants or vendors, each working for over half a dozen clients.

Firm Clients Total 2016 Billings Services
Hellenthal and Associates Don Hadley, Natasha Von Imhof $1,883 Polling, printing, design, emailing
Ship Creek Group DeLena Johnson, Dean Westlake, Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, Joe Hackenmueller, Gary Knopp, Duncan Fields, Ivy Spohnholz, Zach Fansler, Jason Grenn $26,893 Campaign management, financial reporting
Bright Media Strategy Natasha Von Imhof $26,077 Graphic Design, strategy, social media, ad production
Hackney and Hackney Lora Reinbold, Louise Stutes, Chris Birch, DeLena Johnson, Mike Gordon, Ross Beiling, Adam Crum, Lisa Vaught, $72,891 TV and Radio ad buys, ad production and design, graphic design, campaign consulting
Optima Public Relations Mike Gordon, Shelley Hughes, Richard Best, George Rauscher $11,279 Graphic design, campaign coordination
Dittman Research Chris Birch, Jennifer Johnston, Craig Johnson, $6,487 Polling, graphic design, signs
Pruitt Stieren Strategies Jennifer Johnston, Cathy Giessel $5,455 Web design, strategy consulting, opposition research
Sockeye Red Services Jeff Landfield, Adam Crum, Ross Bieling $5,500 Campaign consulting (Video, data, strategy)
Dubey Business Services Myranda Walso, Ross Bieling, Lisa Vaught, Mike Gordon, Steve St. Clair, Cathy Tilton, David Wilson, Richard Best, Adam Crum, John Cox $32,383 Campaign management, data management
Anchor Public Relations Shelley Hughes, Crystal Kennedy $2,289 Graphic design, social media, campaign management
Rosco’s Signs Jason Grenn, Joe Hackenmueller, Shirley Cote, Shauna Thornton, Craig Johnson, Zach Fansler, Tom Begich, Vince Beltrami, Ivy Spohnholz, Ed Wesley $23,472 Signs
Nenana Creative Arts Shelley Hughes, Chris Birch, Dean Westlake, Forrest McDonald, Rich Koch, Duncan Fields $10,762 Campaign signs


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