Bieling Challenges Claim In Johnston Attack Ad


Ross Bieling is disputing a charge made against him in a recent radio ad by his primary opponent Jennifer Johnston.

Johnston’s ad says of Bieling “Ross doesn’t care about Alaska, he hasn’t even ever voted in Alaska. Ross recently ran for Congress in Florida, finishing in last place, and now, just like his Florida campaign, Ross is trying to buy his way to power. So far he has put over $100,000 into his negative campaign attacking Jennifer.”


According to this document from the Alaska Division of Elections, however, Bieling has in fact voted once in Alaska. That vote came in this spring’s Anchorage municipal elections.

bieling voting record

The DOE document does beg the question: If Bieling has resided here and had an Alaska driver’s license since April 29, 2013, why did he not vote in the 2014 statewide elections or the 2015 Anchorage mayoral election?

Bieling did not respond to a request for further comment on this story beyond providing the record of his voting history.

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