Johnston Retracts Claim Bieling Has Never Voted In Alaska


Jennifer Johnston’s campaign today clarified a claim they made in a recent attack ad against her primary opponent Ross Bieling relating to his voting history in Alaska.

Here is Johnston’s statement:

“According to the Division of Elections, Ross Bieling first registered to vote in Alaska as an Undeclared voter on September 29, 2015. On April 1, 2016, he changed his party registration from Undeclared to Republican. As of early June 2016–last month–the Division of Elections records showed no voting history for Mr. Bieling.”

“Mr. Bieling’s campaign provided us with an updated Division of Elections history showing that Mr. Bieling voted for the first time in Alaska during the Municipality of Anchorage’s local election held on April 5 of this year. The documents confirm he has never voted in an Alaska state election. We are in the process of fixing our campaign material to reflect this change.”

And here is the ad in question:


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