Reinbold vs. Beyonce


Have you heard the one about the state legislator who berated a female JBER gate soldier over her Beyonce cell phone cover?  Here is what an observer of the incident wrote on Facebook:

asa cahndler

And here is Rep. Lora Reinbold’s response:reinbold retort

TMS is sure the soldier appreciates Reinbold’s help with her image management.

So was Reinbold correct? Did the soldier deserve a good talking to? You decide.

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8 Comments on "Reinbold vs. Beyonce"

  1. Better to have just mentioned it to a commanding officer and not point the finger at any one person…………just suggest that they use camo phone covers or something.

    Berating people upon an initial meeting never seems like a good idea, unless they are behaving badly. If the soldier wasn’t doing anything else offensive, then the whole thing sounds a bit unnecessary, even outright jerkish. I went to school with Ms. Reinbold, and she always seemed like a nice person. At this point it’s entirely possible that we are both experiencing menopause……….which can make a gal a bit testy, or so I’ve heard.

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  3. Another example of social conservatism running amuck. Who authorized Lora Reinbold to set the community standard of what is a controversial photo? Beyonce is a great role model for young women, something Ms. Reinbold is certainly not. The very tough situation at the National Guard was largely due to a lax disciplinary culture, failure to follow military procedures and inaction by the Parnell administration, and had nothing to do with Beyonce cell phone covers. I feel sorry for this young woman serving our country who had the discipline to put up with Reinbold’s childish behavior

    • “Social conseratism” has nothing to do with this. Most conservatives wouldn’t give a flip about your phone cover. Reinbold was just out of line. If she had such an issue she should have dealt with it through proper channels and contacted her commanding officer.
      You are also very mistaken on who has authority over the military. The guard cooperates with the state government, they do not answer to it. They answer the the National Guard Bureau which a joint activity of the DOD. When a governor needs the guard they contact the Guard Bureau. State entities have no jurisdiction over Federal installations.

      • The head of the Alaska National Guard where the abuse occurred is appointed by and reports to the Governor.

  4. Reinbold is a one woman police state in which she gets to decide what is moral and what is not, what phone cover is “controversial” and what is not.

    And she needs to learn proper grammar…” the way some are dramatized this is inaccurate” is improper use of our language.

  5. This has nothing to do with modesty issues. I suspect Lora continues to be offended by Beyonce’s Half-Time Superbowl performance that got the Right-Wing spewing on the internet.

  6. You don’t have bigger fish to fry Reinbold? A Beyonce cover is too much for you? You should go home and hide. There are a lot covers out there that will make your eyes roll back in your head. What an offensive human being you are!

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