Murkowski Reacts To Trump’s Spat With Gold Star Family


JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) – The Latest on reaction by Alaska’s U.S. senators to comments by GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump

Sen. Lisa Murkowski

Sen. Lisa Murkowski

Alaska U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski says Gold Star families of service members killed in war deserve “unconditional love and support” for that sacrifice.

She says GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump “must honor and respect this most fundamental value.”

Murkowski was responding to recent comments by Trump, who has publicly feuded with Khizr and Ghazala Khan. The Khans are the parents of decorated Muslim Army Capt. Humayun Khan, who was killed in Iraq in 2004.

Khizr Khan spoke at last week’s Democratic National Convention.

Alaska’s other U.S. senator, Dan Sullivan, said he condemned any statement or action, including recent remarks by Trump, that undermines the sacrifice of Capt. Khan and his family, or any of our other fallen American soldiers.

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8 Comments on "Murkowski Reacts To Trump’s Spat With Gold Star Family"

  1. Why did it take Lisa Murkowski 4 days to say something to say something about Trump’s remarks? Is issuing a mild statement at long last an example of what she considers to be leadership?

    And, unlike, Dan Sullivan, she does not condemn or even slightly criticize Trump for his unconscionable attack on a Gold Star family.

    This shows once again that Murkowski will continue to support Trump no matter what he does.

    “Donald Trump’s confounding war with a Gold Star family — earning condemnation from veterans groups and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle – has started to have a distinct air over the last 36 hours of a situation that’s unraveling. It’s the latest in a long list of fights that have so far failed to sink Trump’s candidacy, but something about this particular controversy feels different. It’s pushing some neutral groups off the sidelines (see the nonpartisan VFW’s strongly-worded response), it’s undermining the GOP’s mantle as the party of reverence to the military and national security, and it’s putting Republicans like House Speaker Paul Ryan in a particularly torturous bind as they try to defend the Khan family without so much as naming their own nominee.”

    “Mike Pence, Trump’s own VP, faced a question about Trump’s treatment of the Khans last night from a military mom who was booed by the crowd as Pence offered words of solace but no apology. But so far, Republicans aren’t going so far as to un-endorse their nominee as a result of the Khan controversy. (Not even John McCain, who offered the most biting statement targeting Trump yet!) This moment could provide a last exit ramp for Republicans to withdraw their support for Trump before the heat of the general election, which now seems sure to draw even more outlandish reactions from a candidate who’s shown little deference to the party. And the pressure isn’t letting up.”


    Here’s what George Bush’s speechwriter/staffer said this morning:

    Dear Republican leaders: It’s not too late to dump Trump

    “Those who support Trump are setting the Republican Party at odds with the American story told by Lincoln and King: a nationalism defined by striving toward unifying ideals of freedom and human dignity. Is this what the speaker of the House, the Senate majority leader, the chairman of the Republican Party and so many other good people intended when they entered politics? Is this how they define their soul’s high purpose?”

    Question: Is this, Lisa Murkowski?

  3. yet they still support Trump,, lies and deception,, thy name is republican

  4. Christopher Bydalek | August 2, 2016 at 11:06 am | Reply

    What ?!? Lisa found her spine ? Now where’s her moral compass ?

  5. Trump should not be saying the things he has said abut the Khan’s. However, I do not recall mass hysteria and condemnation of Hillary when she called a Gold Star parent a liar. Are there different standards here?

    • Christopher Bydalek | August 4, 2016 at 5:26 am | Reply

      No, it’s really simple. The D’s know better than to fall into that trap, whereas Donald Trump does not.

  6. BurtGummer44 | August 3, 2016 at 9:25 pm | Reply

    RINO Lisa out to quietly support the Hildabeast! No mention that the father is a sharia lawyer running a law business for potential illegal radical muslim terrorists in VA; without passing the BAR exam in Virginia. And so many of the 9/11 hijackers had VA drivers licenses…..things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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