August 2016

Latest Talk Radio Ratings: Woes Of The Hitman

The Spring 2016 Anchorage radio ratings books have been released. Who is up, who is down, and how did new KFQD morning show host Mark Colavecchio do in his first ratings period since replacing the controversial Bernadette Wilson?

Sullivan Condemns Trump’s Comments

Alaska Republican U.S. Sen. Dan Sullivan on Monday condemned comments from his party’s presidential nominee about the parents of a decorated Army captain killed in Iraq.

Campaign Sign Dust-Up Cost Man His Job

It would be hard at this point in the election cycle to find a competitive race where someone is not complaining about campaign signs: Someone moved my sign. Someone took down my sign. Someone defaced my sign. The other guys’ signs are illegally placed. 99 times out of a 100 the appropriate response to such complaints is to make it as clear as all the wind in your lungs will allow “NO ONE CARES!!!!.”

This case is different. It appears to have a real casualty.