Alaska Democrats “Debunk” Republican Party Primary Election Claims


Casey Steinau

Casey Steinau

After days of attacks by the Alaska Republican Party and state legislature majority members on the Alaska Division of Elections (DOE) over voting irregularities in the August 16 state primary they, the Alaska Democratic Party has sent a letter to DOE Director Josie Bahnke claiming to “debunk”  Republican talking points.

In the letter, Alaska Democratic Party Chair Casey Steinau addresses claims by the Alaska Republican Party that voting problems in the Shungnak voting precinct of District 40 could have changed the outcome of the Democratic primary between Rep. Ben Nageak and Dean Westlake. In that precinct, voters were given both the Republican ballot and the ADL ballot and allowed to vote on both rather than choose between them, as they were supposed to do.

Steinau says:

dems on shungnak

Steinau also states that the Alaska Democratic Party sees no need for a new election to overturn the results of those on August 16 as Alaska Republican Party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock has called for:

shugnak 2

Here is the full letter.

Primary election H40-1 Primary election H40-2

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  1. Casey Reynolds | September 1, 2016 at 1:32 pm | Reply


    The Alaska Democratic Party issued this statement moments after we posted our story.

    Democrats to AK GOP: Stop Meddling in Our Primary

    Republicans seek to silence an entire community of rural Alaskans in Democratic Primary

    ANCHORAGE: Alaska Democratic Party Chair Casey Steinau today released the following statement in response to Republican Party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock’s call for the State to invalidate the Democratic Primary election results for the HD 40 state representative.

    “The Republican Party has taken inappropriate, though not unprecedented action, to stifle the voices of another rural Alaskan community. Republican Party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock has taken it upon himself to advocate for the dismissal of all votes from Shungnak in District 40. This attempt to meddle in a Democratic Primary and silence rural Alaska is a blatant overstep by Republican leadership, designed to undermine a result they don’t like. After arguing to defund rural public radio, threatening to shut down rural schools, and ignoring rural infrastructure needs, the Republican Party is once again disregarding the needs and voices of rural Alaskans.

    “If the Republican Party wanted to have a candidate appear on the November ballot, then their candidate should have run as a Republican.

    “It is unnecessary to invalidate the election or have another vote, as Republicans are advocating, because errors that have been identified didn’t change the outcome in any race.

    “The people of District 40 have spoken and we must respect that. If Mr. Babcock succeeds in undermining their voice, that would be the real failure of this election.”

    The Alaska Democratic Party today sent the attached letter to the Director of the Division of Elections.

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