Amy Demboski In Jeopardy Of Expulsion From Alaska GOP

Amy Demboski


This afternoon on her daily radio show on 1020 FM KVNT Anchorage Assemblywoman Amy Demboski said Alaska Republican Party Vice-Chairman Rick Whitbeck called her last night and threatened her.

The threat from the Vice-Chairman came after Demboski came out vocally in support of former Republican and now Alaska Libertarian Party Senatorial candidate, Joe Miller over the Alaska Republican Party’s candidate, Sen. Lisa Murkowski.amy-demboski-show

According to Demboski, Whitbeck said that she would be “Kicked out of the Party” if she did or said anything to support Miller’s campaign. Demboski went on to say she feels Miller, not Murkowski, is the candidate who actually represents the Republican Party platform.

Taking exception to what Demboski said, Whitbeck called in to defend the call. What followed was a heated discussion of party rules and who is the real conservative candidate. That conversation escalated to the point of Demboski throwing Whitbeck off the air.

You can listen to the full exchange below.

In segment one, Demboski lays out the substance of the Tuesday night conversation with Whitbeck. In segment two, Demboski takes calls and towards the end, Whitbeck calls in. In segment three, the conversation gets heated, and Demboski throws Whitbeck off the show. THEY ARE ALL WORTH A LISTEN.

Amy Demboski Show Segment 1 (12:44)


Amy Demboski Show Segment 2 (11:17)


Amy Demboski Show Segment 3 (9:53)



In an interview this evening Rick Whitbeck disputed Ms. Demboski’s account of their Tuesday night phone conversation.


Rick Whitbeck

Whitbeck said he called Demboski not to threaten her with removal from any Alaska Republican Party post, but rather to offer her a new one, albeit temporarily.  Whitbeck said, “I called her last night to see if she would be willing to sit in as the Assistant Secretary for the SCC meeting on Saturday.”

When asked how that conversation devolved into his telling Demboski that she would be barred from party activity if she openly supported Joe Miller, Whitbeck said, “I never did.”

Whitbeck said that after Demboski made clear that she would be supporting Miller over Murkowski he did explain to her that party rules say those involved in the party structure, even at a district or precinct level, are expected to support the Party’s nominee for every position. Whitbeck was adamant that his explanation never crossed the line into indicating that either he or anyone else in party leadership had any plans to act on those rules concerning Demboski.

Whitbeck said he went so far as to reiterate that he wanted Demboski to serve in the Assistant Secretary role for the Party this weekend even after she made clear she would be openly supporting Miller.

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8 Comments on "Amy Demboski In Jeopardy Of Expulsion From Alaska GOP"

  1. This is so hysterical. First of all, when Cean Stevens was the candidate, she never got more than an “also ran” mention in most of the news media. Now that Joe Miller (who publicly said that he was not supporting the national Libertarian platform but was supporting the Republican platform) runs, the press goes crazy, including Demboski. By the way, we don’t throw people out of the Libertarian Party if they support Republican candidates. Even those ” involved in the party structure.”

  2. Oh My God!…. The last minute of the last recording was a ‘thug life’ moment similar to what I have seen via Facebook. No offense, but somebody please get this man a pair of shades and a cigar!

  3. Interesting that Amy Demboski described herself as “the Republican nominee” for the Anchorage mayor position. That apparently was the de facto situation for her and the Republican Party.

    However, the position is nonpartisan. Perhaps trying to turn it into a partisan race is one reason she lost.

    Also, in listening to the second half of the last recording, all I can say is “wow!”

  4. Judging by the last recording, the residents of Anchorage probably dodged a bullet and avoided electing an “unbalanced” candidate for mayor who goes nuts when challenged. The AK Republican Party Rules are clear ennough for someone of average mentality to comprehend. Ms.Demboski apparently is an elected District officer and was being considered for for appointment as Secretary for an upcoming State Central Committee meeting…hopefully not anymore!

    ARTICLE IX – GENERAL POLICIES Section 2: Promotion of Republican Candidates

    (a) No appointed or elected Republican Party officer shall promote or engage in any activity that promotes the candidacy of any person for partisan public office other than a Republican running on a Republican ticket.

    Any person holding elected ARP office may be removed from office for any of the following reasons:

    (a) Engagement in any activities prohibited by or contrary to these rules or RNC Rules.

    (d) Promotion of the candidacy of anyone other than the Republican primary winner in a partisan contest.

    • So were all the Republicans holding office in 2010 thrown out of office if they supported Murkowski, and didn’t quit first?

      Or is a double standard being applied against Demboski??

  5. I can’t believe I’m typing this…..but she makes legitimate points about the GOP going after Colver.

  6. The two party system is in it’s death throws. A few bickering zealots are all they have left now. The final blow was the Citizens United decision that equates purchased speech with individual free speech. Those who can purchase political image with no need for a political party now control the process .

  7. The M&M peanuts are running this year. Metcalfe, Murkowski and Miller. Not a one of them I can vote for as an Independent voter. This is one vote that may not be cast for a Senate candidate this election.

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