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Campaign Fail — Notice anything wrong with this picture put out by Margaret Stock’s campaign?


That is not the U.S. Capitol building, or even Alaska’s. It is California’s Capitol. We don’t know about anyone else, but we aren’t that concerned that Sen. Lisa Murkowski hasn’t spent that much time representing Alaska in California.

Classy — The Alaska Republican Party’s staff blogger Suzanne Downing had another bad week. She posted this lewd item to the Party’s Facebook page. We heard another round of “WTF”s from party insiders and donors and apparently so did Chairman Tuckerman Babcock because the party was forced to take down the post.


Midnight Sun On The Air!!!! Master of Morning Radio Rick Rydell (AM 650 KENI) has asked us to come on every week and share Friday in the Sun with his audience. So listen for our inside scoop every Friday morning at 7:35.

Gaypocalypse — As The Midnight Sun foretold, former Berkowitz staffer Felix Rivera has declared his candidacy for the Midtown Anchorage Assembly seat. This means Anchorage will have not one but two openly gay men running (Christopher Constant -Downtown) for assembly next spring. You see what happens. You pass one single LGBT(?) rights bill and now they think they own the place. (ALERT-Because LGBT folks have finely attuned senses of wit but their straight supporters apparently don’t, we warn the audience that the previous two sentences were not meant literally.)

On a coldly political note, Rivera picked up endorsements from the district’s current Assembly representatives Dick Trani and term-limited out Elvi Gray-Jackson. That makes him the Democratic establishment’s choice over fellow left-of-center candidate Marcus Sanders (who has a pretty sharp looking website). But with two lefties in the race for this moderate district, it looks like this race is primed for a righty to swoop in and win. Maybe a young and energetic conservative like Andy Clary

Plausible Non-Deniability — With all the sleight of hand involved to get Joe Miller into Alaska’s U.S. Senate race we speculated that former Senator Mark Begich might want to float his own write-in run. After all, he and current Democratic Party nominee Ray Metcalfe are known to have no love lost between them.

So we posed the question straight to Begich and he responded with this cryptic message:

“I’m getting a lot of calls from people who say they are not satisfied with their choices and they are not interested in seeing another Miller Murkowski fight, I will keep listening to the people who are calling and will continue to consider the best ways to help my state in these challenging times.”

That IS NOT a no.

Days until the General Election — 60

Never DeLena — Word from out in the Mat-Su is that Sen. Bill Stolze still hasn’t gotten over Delena Johnson challenging him in the Republican primary two years ago. Even Though he won handily, he continues to wage war on the new AK GOP house nominee in Palmer. We are told he has enlisted the help of Sen. Charlie Huggins and some other valley GOP stalwarts to mount an under the radar “never DeLena” movement to support the Independent candidate Bert Verrall.

Now that Stolze and Huggins are lame ducks, it will be interesting to see exactly how much influence they, and not their offices, actually have in the valley. It’s not like they are the newly omnipresent valley political matriarch and former state senator Lyda Green.

More GOP Drama — The Alaska GOP will be holding their state central committee (SCC) meeting tomorrow in Palmer and it could be a contentious one with the resurrection of the Joe vs. Lisa political drama. We have already seen it erupt on Anchorage Assemblywoman Amy Demboski’s radio show

We are also seeing it boil to the surface at the Party’s district level. The District 9 (Mat-Su/Valdez/ Delta) Chairwoman Carol Carman sent a note to pretty much everyone in the Republican Party late this week saying her district committee would be considering this resolution:

Whereas, it is the duty of registered Republicans to hold their elected officials accountable to the Party Platform, it’s [sic] Principles, goals and philosophy; and

Whereas, it is incumbent upon those representing the Republican Party (G.O.P.) to be in agreement with, adhere to and actively defend and advance the Party Platform, principles, goals and philosophy; and

Whereas, in order to protect and promote these clearly stated objectives, it is necessary to diligently observe, and evaluate each candidate’s record and performance, ensuring the integrity of the G.O.P. and exposing any imposters; and

Whereas, Senator Lisa Murkowski has not demonstrated any loyalty to the principles of the party, but has voted 72% of the time with Barack Obama and the Democratic Party, and has consistently received some of the lowest ratings of any Republican by the entire spectrum of Conservative organizations;

Whereas, Lisa Murkowski failed to support and endorse Alaska’s Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in 2010 and, in fact, worked to defeat that nominee through lies, vote fraud, and other illegal acts, and

Whereas Lisa Murkowski has publicly stated she is pro-choice, and also votes to approve even late term abortions, and

Whereas Lisa Murkowski has publicly stated and votes to support the gay agenda, and

Whereas Lisa Murkowski voted to confirm appointments such as Eric Holder, Sally Jewel, and Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sodomeyer [sic], and

Whereas Lisa Murkowski voted to support Sanctuary Cities for illegal immigrants, and

Whereas Lisa Murkowski single-handedly took funding out of the Grid Act (that would have hardened the electric grid on the east coast against an EMP attack), and

Whereas Lisa Murkowski voted in support of Common Core, and

Whereas Lisa Murkowski supported the creation of an income tax for the State of Alaska with Andrew Halcro as far back as 2000,

Therefore Be It Resolved, that District 9, in accordance with it’s [sic] responsibility to promote Republican principles, goals, and the platform of our party, hereby determines that Lisa Murkowski is not a Republican and is therefore ineligible for support for her campaign to be re-elected to the United States Senate.

The resolution is clearly an attempt to duplicate the kind of party establishment denunciation of their own candidate that Joe Miller received in 2010 when many SCC members signed and went public with this letter.

It’s unclear if this resolution, or one like it, will make an appearance at the SCC level, but what is clear is there are still plenty of folks in the Alaska GOP who are eager to re-litigate many of the issues from the 2010 race.

PFD A Go — The PFD Voter Registration initiative seems to be coasting right along without any substantial opposition. Now the group has booked $250K worth of radio and TV ads to begin airing in the next week or two. Unless something dramatic happens, this one looks destined for passage.

On The Down Low — GCI is continuing their political charm offensive. This week the recipient will be Rep. Matt Claman, who will be getting his own fundraiser Thursday at noon in GCI’s home base in the Denali Towers. If you have a few minutes stop by and feel the love for yourself.

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3 Comments on "Friday in the Sun!!! (September 9)"

  1. If Begich jumps in, then maybe this time the Dems won’t be so stupid/naive as to believe that only Lisa can possibly beat crazy Joe Miller.

    Democrats inexplicably helped Lisa Murkowski beat a perfectly lovely candidate, Scott McAdams. At that point she had the support of moderates in both of Alaska’s main parties………instead of representing them, she went right back to carrying water for the right wing good old boys in the Senate who had stabbed her in the back. Then she proceeded to stab Mark Begich in the back by supporting that idiot Dan Sullivan, and playing dirty politics against Begich, (who she votes almost identically with), and whose knowledge and political talent are many many times over that of Sullivan.

    I have no sympathy for the daddy-appointed oil princess. Begich should jump in and Stock should drop out. He could definitely win it.

    PS Kama Sutra? Maybe I should get a Facebook account and start monitoring the Alaska Repubs………is this really the party of Jim Minnery and the Alaska Family Council? I say dump Minnery and stick with this Suzanne Downing chick, she is Way More Interesting!

  2. How long until we can expect Begich to announce his decision?

  3. From Andy Clary’s scribblings in the defunct Alaska Standard, quoted by Bent Alaska in “Gays = Drunks and Cheaters”, April 2010

    “homosexuality is not a lifestyle that Christ approves of, I see it no differently than other sins such as alcoholism or adultery.”

    So you think Midtown should have an ‘energetic’ anti-gay candidate just for balance? Really?

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