Alaska’s Congressional Race Kicks Off In Earnest


Alaska’s U.S. Congressional race has officially gotten going. Oh sure, technically both incumbent Rep. Don Young and Democrat challenger Steve Lindbeck have been in the race for months, but aside from the standard float of Young ads and a brief attack by Lindbeck in June over unionized tanker escorts there hasn’t been any noticeable communications activity in this race.

That changed yesterday when Lindbeck launched his first large-scale TV ad in Alaska attacking Young . The ad was then accompanied by the expected email to supporters asking for donations to help keep it on the air.

It looks like Lindbeck has now entered the phase of his campaign where we get to see him actively go after the 40-year incumbent and see if he has any real shot at defeating him.

Here is both the ad and the fundraising email:

Hello —

Yesterday, Steve released his first TV ad — a hard-hitting look at Congressman Don Young’s record of putting insiders and elites above everyday Alaskans.

The ad’s already getting attention from state and national media, and the message is making a difference in this race.

But to reach the voters we need to win, Steve’s counting on folks like you to chip in so we can keep this ad on the air.

If you haven’t seen Steve’s new ad yet, watch it now, and then chip in to keep it on the air.

Watch the video

I agree with Steve — and so do voters across Alaska when they hear the truth about Don Young.

Our congressman shouldn’t be someone who gets investigated by the FBI for doing favors for big contributors. He shouldn’t take $300,000 from a Louisiana company and then refuse to get involved when they could outsource 200 Alaska jobs to Louisiana.

But too many voters don’t know the facts, and it’s time to change that.

Watch the new ad, and then chip in to make sure voters know the truth about Don Young:

Thanks for your support,

Evan Brown
Campaign Manager
Lindbeck for Alaska

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