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Republican Rancor — The dust-up between Anchorage Assemblywoman Amy Demboski and the Alaska GOP over her claims that she was threatened with party expulsion if she supported Joe Miller over the party primary winner Lisa Murkowski took another turn this week.

Alaska GOP Vice-Chairman Rick Whitbeck sent Demboski the following message Monday morning:

Amy –

I SINCERELY apologize for anything I said last week that was taken as a threat of any kind.

What I was trying to say during our private conversation and what you heard were two different things -worlds apart.

Then, instead of really listening to you on the radio last week, I got defensive and doubled down on what I was trying to portray regarding the rules. I was tone-deaf, as it were.

The last thing I would want is be perceived as threatening or heavy-handing anyone over *volunteer* work in the Republican Party.

Amy, as we have talked about many times, I am a fan of yours. You are a leader on the Anchorage Assembly, a respected talk show host and a valued volunteer in District 12.

I hope from the way I chaired the recent SCC meeting and my apology to you, you are able to forgive me.


PS – I am happy to post this to FB on your show and personal pages. Just let me know what you want me to do.

You have to hand it to Whitbeck and party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock, they seem to grasp that in politics there are some fights no one wins and sometimes the person least at fault needs to be the one to apologize just to get the flap over with. It is a mature move we aren’t sure we would have seen from previous party leaderships.

Media Fail — Then there is Ms. Demboski who responded to Mr. Whitbeck’s message by going on KTBY and giving this interview attempting to throw Whitbeck under the bus. That is a different way to go…

Actually, Demboski’s comments weren’t even what drew our attention to this video. What did was the anchor’s last line. We’ll let you watch for yourself and see if you can figure out where she went wrong.

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Signs of Life — Most may not have realized it, but the often running radio ad by the group Together for Alaska underwent a small change this week.

Here is the original ad:


And here is the new version:


See the difference?

There is now no reference to Rep. Cathy Munoz’ letters of support for child rapists. Munoz still has a lot of under the radar support from folks in organized labor and labor is the largest funder of Together for Alaska. Word on the street is Labor was none too happy to hear Munoz being attacked with their money and got the ad edited to exclude any mention of her.

Many have speculated that Munoz’ re-election bid is all but dead after the letters of support flap, but If the moderate Republican still has strong support from labor, even if they can’t say it publicly, she has a pretty good chance. Just look at all the crazy things that have fallen out of Don Young’s mouth, but he is a Republican with union support. That is tough to beat in a general election.

Days until the General Election — 53

At The Door — Folks in Rep. Liz Vazquez’ district reported finding a few of these notes still hanging around at a few doors in the district.


Seeing as how David Nees, who was Vazquez’ opponent just a few weeks ago, now works for for the South Anchorage representative, we’re guessing conversations are a little different when people who “Can’t wait to fire” Vazquez contact Nees to tell him why.

He Might Just Do It — Last week we posted a fun blurb about a non-committal message we received from Mark Begich regarding the possibility of him running a write-in campaign in the current Alaska U.S. Senate race.

Sen. Mark Begich

Sen. Mark Begich

Well, that blurb has taken on a life of it’s own with the ADN, AP, The Alaska Republican Party, Politico, Roll Call, The Hill, Craig Medred and a host of local talk radio stations all picking up the story. And unlike KTVA, all of those media outlets are professional enough to know how to source where they got their stories from.

The Hill article from this morning is most intriguing. It quotes several sources close to Begich as saying the write-in idea is picking up steam and Jim Lottsfeldt (publisher of The Midnight Sun) speculating that there is now as much as a 40% chance Begich pulls the trigger and runs.

We still can’t believe the odds are that high, but there sure does seem to be momentum. Perhaps folks interested in taking it to the next level should take the advice of radio host Duane Bannock their old Begich yard signs, plant them in their front yard, and post a pic of it to Facebook. Then at least we’d have some visual evidence of how many support the idea :)

Down Yonder — Speaking of Duane Bannock, he has taken to referring to U.S. Senate Candidate Margaret Stock as “Margaret Laughing Stock” because of her failure to find any substantial base of voters in the election. Interestingly, Bannock’s former radio co-host and former Kenai City Councilwoman Amy Jackman is now acting as a spokeswoman/media liaison for the Stock campaign. That has to be Awkward.

Successful Night — Word is Rep. Ivy Spohnholz continues to rake in the campaign cash. She had an event hosted by Rep. Les Gara at his home Wednesday night with about 50 people and is said to have brought in $5K. We don’t care what party you vote for, you have to acknowledge Spohnholz is proving to be impressive as both legislator and candidate. Watch out for a statewide run in a few years.

In The Wind — We have heard from two sources now that Sen. Cathy Giessel is so rattled at Vince Beltrami’s challenge that she is regularly breaking out the very Bush-esque line “You are either with ME or you are with HIM” with supporters and potential donors.

Light Reading — If you have a friend looking to come up to speed on Alaska’s unique politics, or maybe you need some brushing up to do, we recommend Clive Thomas’ creatively named new book Alaska Politics and Public Policy. Thomas spent 30 years teaching political science at UAS and invented Alaska’s legislative internship program, so he knows this subject well.

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