National Conservative Radio Host Mark Levin Endorses Joe Miller — Conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin endorsed Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller on his program Friday evening against incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Levin described himself as a “big fan” of Miller, while observing, “Murkowski is a leftist” and the “right-hand person” of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The talk show host also pointed out that Murkowski earned an “F” on the Conservative Review scorecard, based on her voting record.levin

Despite being from the Last Frontier, “Murkowski acts like a Republican from New Jersey,” said Levin.

Miller agreed, noting that her votes are “Not at all representative of Alaska values.” He highlighted that the senator voted with President Obama 72 percent of the time during the last Congress, and his other rivals for the seat are left of center, as well.

“So we have a clear path to victory, and the grassroots are excited as can be that I’m in,” said Miller.

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2 Comments on "National Conservative Radio Host Mark Levin Endorses Joe Miller"

  1. But unlike a Senator from New Jersey, she is the Chair of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Reaources and sits on the Appropriations Committee. Two places in the Senate which are great for Alaska, but probably meaningless for a Senaotr from New Jersey.

  2. Does this mean Mark Levin also likes Gary Johnson?

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