Knopp Keeping LeDoux PAC Donation He Doesn’t Think Is Legal


This afternoon Kenai-Soldotna area Republican candidate for Alaska State House Gary Knopp said on talk radio during  The Tall, Dark and Handsome Show hosted by Duane Bannock that he has no plans to return a $1,000 contribution his campaign received from Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux’s Gabby’s Tuesday PAC. Later in the interview Knopp said of the contribution “I don’t know how we deem it to be legal, it might very well be illegal.”gary_knopp

Earlier this summer The Midnight Sun posted a story detailing how Gabby’s Tuesday PAC was being used to funnel money from lobbyists to candidates of Rep. LeDoux’s choosing. In the wake of that story, the Alaska Democratic Party filed an Alaska Public Offices Commission (APOC) complaint over the PAC. As a result of the complaint, a deal was struck between LeDoux and the Democrats for Ledoux to shut down the PAC until after the election when APOC could fully investigate and rule on its legality.

During his interview with Bannock, Knopp explained that he is fully aware of the APOC complaint and the PAC’s suspended status, but maintained that he is glad to have LeDoux’s support and won’t be returning the donation until or unless APOC rules on its legal status.

You can listen to the segment of Bannock’s interview related to the donation here:

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2 Comments on "Knopp Keeping LeDoux PAC Donation He Doesn’t Think Is Legal"

  1. Boy, will this guy transition easily into the current Legislative environment.

  2. It is a sign of an out of control ego to name a PAC after yourself. Of course, I’ve always thought the first sign of an out of control ego is running for office in the first place.

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