PFD Voter Registration Endorsed By Alaska Senators

The PFD Automatic Voter Registration initiative is already sitting  pretty with major funding and no organized opposition, but those backing the move may have just received the last piece to their election night victory puzzle.

The group announced today formal endorsements of the initiative by both of Alaska’s sitting U.S. Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan.

Here is the press release from PFD Automatic Voter Registration:



Senators Murkowski and Sullivan voice support of PFD Automatic Voter Registration

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA – Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan (both R-Alaska) today  announced their support for Ballot Measure 1, the PFD Automatic Voter Registration initiative.

The ballot measure, if approved by voters on Nov. 8, would instruct the Alaska Division of Elections to automatically register qualified Alaskans to vote when they apply for the Permanent Fund dividend (PFD). Applicants would have the choice to opt out, and voter information would remain confidential under existing state law.

The initiative is designed to increase voter registration, fix tens of thousands of out-of-date registrations, improve government efficiency, and reduce voter fraud.

“Ballot Measure 1 supports the worthwhile goal of encouraging participation in our political system,” Sen. Murkowski said. “At the same time that it makes registering more convenient, it also improves the registration system and reduces opportunities for voter fraud. That’s a winning combination that I fully support.”

“Senator Murkowski and I are working every day to expand access to services and reduce costs for Alaskans, especially rural Alaskans, and this idea does exactly that for voter registration,” said Senator Sullivan. “It is an obvious fit for us. We should take advantage of any opportunity to cut waste and stop forcing people to fill out more and more forms.” 

Murkowski and Sullivan join a nonpartisan coalition of over 150 Alaskan organizations and individuals in backing this commonsense proposal. The coalition in support of Ballot Measure 1 includes League of Women Voters Alaska, the Alaska Federation of Natives, the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation, and AARP of Alaska.


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  1. Of course the politicians want this because this will significantly reduce their cost of violating the privacy of Alaskans. Understand that Alaskan voter registration data is sold to anyone and the individual voter cannot opt out unless he or she quits voting. Now that the voter registration database can be updated with a note that this voter received a PFD making that address certainly worth a stamp. This is nothing but a data grab.

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