Dean Westlake Officially Wins District 40 Primary

This afternoon the Alaska Supreme Court ruled on the District 40 Democratic Party primary race. They reversed the lower court’s ruling declaring Rep. Ben Nageak the victor and reinstated Dean Westlake as the winner.

Here is a snippet of the decision. We will post more information as it comes in.

(click on the image to view the full court order)



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3 Comments on "Dean Westlake Officially Wins District 40 Primary"

  1. will you also do some research and find out who the justices have donated to in past elections to impugn their integrity?

  2. Westlake didn’t win the election Byron Mallott did!!!

  3. Both Nageak and Westlake are Democrat candidates and the Democrat Party was not involved in this litigation. Why not? Was it because Ben Nageak was a member in good standing of the Republican Majority Caucus and this was nothing but a defense of the caucus in the House? This Republican concern over the integrity of the election process are just “crocodile tears”.

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