Radio Ad Round-Up

Here is a round-up of the campaign radio ads we heard on Monday. Feel free to tell us which is you think is the best/worst in the comment section below.

If you are a candidate and we missed your ad, you can email it to us at [email protected].


Republican campaigns:

Sen. Lisa Murkowski — Positive. Energetic. Good pro-development message. Overall, a very good ad.


Rep. Don Young — Typical Young ad. Goes after GOP red meat with pro-military, pro-development, anti-Obamacare message. The read is a bit forced and choppy. Not a bad ad, but Young has done better.


Chuck Kopp for House — We love Kenai Mayor Pat Porter, so she is a welcome voice for an ad. Good testimonial. The only question is whether South Anchorage voters will care what the Kenai mayor thinks.


Sen. Cathy Giessel — Not feeling this ad. Vince Beltrami has a long track record leaving plenty for a conservative politician to attack him, but this ad resorts to vague allusions without specifics. Also, it doesn’t feel like the duck and horse levity lands. The whole ad just feels childish and unworthy of a respected and hard-working senator like Giessel.

Libertarian campaigns:

Joe Miller 1 — A Donald Trump-ish, throw all the allegations at your opponent type ad. Specific and effective. Meant to lock down Miller’s right-wing base. Does that. A good ad.


Joe Miller 2 — Love this ad. Excellent modulation of an ultra-conservative message to a female audience. Effective at both attacking Murkowski and telling us what Miller would be if elected. Good economic and fiscal message. Maybe our favorite Alaska ad of this cycle so far.

Democrat campaigns:

Shirley Cote for State House — Worst audio quality of any of these ads. Dunbar is a good testimonial, but it sounds like he recorded his segment in his bathroom. Read also sounds rushed. Not a good editing job. Good bio info for Cote. Overall, at best a forgettable ad.


Patricia Faye-Brazel for State House — We had not heard a single thing about this candidate before this ad and it left a good impression with us. Good read. Conveys feeling and seriousness. Good change message. Would like to have heard more to give us a sense of the candidate’s brand (background, platform, etc). Decent ad, but won’t move the needle.


Rep. Harriet Drummond — Well produced, high-energy ad, but does Drummond really want to cast herself as an incumbent’s incumbent this year? Seven incumbents lost on primary election night. Not sure this ad helps Drummond.

Independent campaigns:

Vince Beltrami for State Senate — Really like this ad. Good job of humanizing Beltrami and attacking Giessel at the same time. Gets in a classic inoculation message (my opponent is going to say mean things about me, but don’t believe it) that unions love. Overall, a very effective ad.

Political Parties:

Alaska Republican Party — Ugh, the most painful read of any ad this cycle. It is so bad it distracts from the overall message. Clips of Tuck supporting the Governor is good material. Tuck isn’t in danger this cycle and since no other candidate is mentioned it likely won’t damage anyone other than Tuck. Overall, a good ad idea poorly executed.

Independent Expenditure Groups:

Together for Alaska – Giessel Attack Ad — Tags Giessel as the incumbent and responsible for all Alaskan’s are dissatisfied with from their elected officials. Strong message in an anti-incumbent year. Doesn’t overreach. Well produced. Very effective ad.


The Truth Alaska – Beltrami Attack Ad — Good execution of an anti-union message. Clear read with a good hook. This kind of anti-union message is very appealing to the builders and business community who paid for it, but it isn’t clear if it will resonate with independents and pro-union republicans Giessel needs to beat Beltrami. Doesn’t sound like a poll-tested message.


Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions – Pro-Murkowski Ad — Good job of mirroring sound and feel of candidates own ads. Reinforces Murkowski’s own seniority and pro-development message. Overall, a good, clean, effective message.

Initiative Groups:

PFD Automatic Voter Registration 1 — Good, but not great ad. No hook to keep you listening.  Good production, but a boring message.


PFD Automatic Voter Registration 2 — Great ad. When we hear that list of everyone who agrees, we are drawn in to know on what exactly it is they could possibly all agree. Clean production value. Good military message.



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