What Republican Attack Mailers On Joe Miller Tell Us

If you are like me, you have begun getting very large, very nasty mailers in the mailer from the Alaska Republican Party (ARP) attacking Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller.

Evaluating these mailers to see what the party’s key messages are against Miller is interesting enough. It can reveal where they think Miller is vulnerable, what voters the ARP thinks they can peel away from him, and any number of other insights into their thinking us political junkies might find interesting.

Miller, however, gave us quite a gift on Monday. As part of his press conference attacking the ARP for alleged financial improprieties, Miller showed a series of mailers the ARP did in 2010 supporting him as the party’s nominated candidate and attacking then write-in candidate Lisa Murkowski.

So let’s look at the two sets of mailers and see what we can see.

Here are the mail pieces the ARP has sent out in the last few days attacking Miller:





And here are the mailers the ARP did six years ago against Murkowski:







What do you notice about the two sets?

What I see is that the attacks on Miller are entirely character related while the hits on Murkowski were exclusively policy centered.

The ARP went after Murkowski for the Wall St. bailouts, “Cap and Trade”, and big spending in 2010, so where are the attacks on Joe Miller’s positions on the issues of the day? Where is TPP, immigration and refugee policy, or maybe Obamacare?

Now it is possible there are other mailers out there we haven’t seen that don’t match this dynamic, but this seems like a good sampling of the party’s messages. Those messages would seem to show party leadership today still knows what party leadership knew then. that the party’s base agrees with Miller way more than Murkowski on the issues.

That is a reality that is sure to play out in internal ARP politics after the election.

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  1. conservativecharles | October 26, 2016 at 9:28 pm | Reply

    Not to mentions it is full of lies. Joe Miller violated an employee handbook rule. The ARP violated federal election laws trying to smear him.

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