Koch Brother’s Operation In Retreat

We wonder how this will affect Americans For Prosperity – Alaska. They are the Alaska branch of the Koch operation.

Politico — “Now, with Republican Donald Trump on the verge of a crushing loss in the presidential race as the Kochs watch from the sidelines, there are mounting questions about whether their vaunted political and advocacy operation may have peaked. The answer could resonate well beyond Nov. 8, since the Koch network would otherwise be expected to play a major role in the post-Trump rebuilding of the conservative movement.”y6ytzwn6

“In interviews, some insiders traced the network’s decline – or at least its decline in growth – to its decision to sit out the presidential race, at first out of disagreement over whether to play in the crowded GOP primary, and then out of distaste for Trump.”

“Other insiders contend the network is shifting away from politics as a whole to focus on advancing policies rooted in the Kochs’ libertarian-infused brand of small-government conservatism.”

“The network’s official line is that it is neither stepping back from politics, nor reducing its overall footprint, but is merely reorganizing its operations to become more efficient and effective at shaping electoral and policy fights well into the future.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/10/koch-brothers-campaign-struggles-230325#ixzz4OKs6C7lC

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  1. I suggest that the Koch Bros. go back to minding their own businesses and stay out of politics. I have boycotted their products ever since I learned of their meddling and corrupting our political system, and I hope they wince every time they think of this doomed enterprise.

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