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Vince Said It — This audio clip of Independent state senate candidate Vince Beltrami cussing out political gadfly Paul Kendall surfaced yesterday:


Some Republicans clearly think this is a “gotcha” moment that could doom Beltrami in the closing days of the campaign.

For those of us who know Kendall as one of the most persistently annoying, misogynistic, and genuinely unstable figures in Alaska politics, it is anything but.

Beltrami is saying what we have all, conservatives and liberals, either said or desperately wanted to say to Kendall on an almost daily basis, “Leave me the f*** alone.”

Days until the General Election — 11

All In Against Joe — The Alaska Republican Party continues it’s character attacks on Joe Miller. Their latest mailer has to be the “WTF” moment of the campaign season so far:


Joe and Hillary “have a lot in common”? Is that a joke?

Well, it is either the most brilliant mailer piece of this election cycle (it does get in attacks against both Miller and Clinton in the same mailer) or the absolute worst (it makes a connection ABSOLUTELY NO ONE will buy).

For our part, we continue to wait for the Republican Party to tell us why incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski is more representative of their values than Joe is, We’ll just sit over here and wait for that.

Do it — Early voting started in Alaska on Monday…GO VOTE!!!

The Coghill File — Fairbanks Sen. John Coghill has two pretty established reputations. The first being that he is a really nice guy who can have a respectful conversation with anyone, regardless of how much he disagrees with them. The second is that he is one of the few elected officials in the country who may be to the right of Sen. Ted Cruz.

Fairbanks Democrat Rep. David Guttenberg posted this letter on social media this week purportedly from Coghill to a constituent that seems to prove both to be the case. Read it to the end, it has quite the twist:


Campaign Fail Of The Week Congressman-For-All-Alaska Don Young sent this mailer out last week.


On The Move — Former aide to Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Sen. Bert Stedman, and until recently Vice President of External Affairs and Government Relations at the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC) Miles Baker has taken a gig working as the Associate Vice President of Government Relations for the University of Alaska. Word is he starts Monday. Congrats.

Midnight Sun On The Air!!!! Master of Morning Radio Rick Rydell (AM 650 KENI) has asked us to come on every week and share Friday in the Sun with his audience. So listen for our inside scoop every Friday morning at 7:35.

From The South Anchorage Campaign Trail — We hear Republicans have put out an “all hands on deck” call to their women’s groups and activist base to try to save Rep. Liz Vazquez’ seat. Republicans we talked to say Vazquez and her supporters are now hearing from many Republican voters at the door that they have already voted for Vazquez’ opponent Jason Grenn, who apparently had already been there several times.

From The Abbott Campaign Trail — It sounds like Republicans are breathing a little easier over Rep. Charisse Millett’s race. We had been hearing nervous chatter from Republicans and eager murmurs from Democrats that her Democrat challenger Pat Higgins is tied with the House Majority Leader in recent polls.

Word out of Millett’s camp is everyone is still working hard, but feeling much better after receiving fresh polling data showing Millett up by 12 points.

From The East Anchorage Campaign Trail — Over in East Anchorage Sen. Bill Wielechowski’s challenger Kevin Kastner posted this to Facebook this week:

“While my opponent sends mailers to boast of his support by public safety UNIONS, I am supported and endorsed by real PEOPLE…especially police officers with the respect of their peers.”

“Regardless of the outcome of this race, I am honored to have the support of the real men and women who serve our community. Thank you for all you do.”

In our experience, when you see a candidate this close to election day start breaking out the phrase “regardless of the outcome…..” it is usually code for “I know I’m going to lose, but….”

Kastner seems like a good guy and is running a spirited campaign, but even he seems to know what is pretty obvious to everyone else.

Rumors On House Reorganization — We’ve heard two prevailing rumors this week regarding the coming reorganization of the legislature after the election. The first is that Mat-Su Republican David Eastman is making quite a play to secure a plumb spot for himself in any new Republican-led majority. That is a bold move for a guy who hasn’t technically even been elected yet, but Eastman is nothing if not bold.

Unfortunately, the other thing we’re hearing would totally negate Eastman’s bid. We’ve heard from a few sources that Republican moderates including Rep. Paul Seaton and Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux (who we like very much) have all but closed the deal with House Dems to form a bipartisan majority. That, of course, assumes there isn’t a massive pro-GOP swing on election day.

Election Central Madness— As we predicted, the disappointing decision by the Alaska Division of Elections to no longer hold an election central in Anchorage has led to a proliferation of various groups doing their own.

We’ll be at this election watch party held at Bear Tooth Theatrepub getting underway at 7PM.

Anchorage Democrats are holding their own watch party at Williwaw beginning at 5:30 (oddly early)

Talk radio station KBYR will be hosting their own watch party at the downtown Hilton.

And pollster Ivan Moore will be hosting his own party next door at the historic Anchorage Hotel.

No word yet on election night plans from the Alaska Republican Party or Sen. Lisa Murkowski, but they will throw something. We’ll keep you abreast of all of the night’s happenings and be sure to check back with us for more updates.

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  1. David Eastman lied on his resume, claiming to be a “career firefighter” and to have attended Oxford, and now we’re hearing that he is already engaged in backroom deals in a power grab. How can you expect an ego that big to represent… anybody? This guy should not be in the legislature.

  2. Why isn’t the Alaska Republican Party hosting a Trump Victory Party?

  3. Oh my God, CFL Don Young had a misspelt wordz in da posticard. Epix Fallure to communzicat. Must B wurst thingzebob like 4 everz.
    Gladz U repostaled it on yur webzite cuz its pointz in whats a greatz dealz hes done fer JBEar.

  4. I’m sorry, but this is my pet peeve. “It’s” means “it is”. “its” is the proper possessive.

  5. A 16 year old email? Really? You had to really reach back into the archives to pull out something that is so out-of-date (lots of money in 2000) I’m not sure I could hold my breath that long. Geesh, Casey.

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