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Stolen Valor — Quite the spat has broken out in the last couple of days in House District 25. Republican incumbent Rep. Charisse Millett and her Democratic challenger Pat Higgins have been going back and forth over the honor of Higgins’ work at the Ronald Reagan Missile Defense Training Center in the Marshall Islands in 2012.

At the time Higgins was serving on the Anchorage School Board and questions were raised whether Higgins should resign the post while living 2,000 miles away.

According to another Anchorage legislative candidate across town, Forrest McDonald, Millett posted and then deleted a comment on Facebook attacking Higgins for staying in public office while living elsewhere and receiving “Big Military Cash.”

That comment prompted Higgins to send out this mailer in response:


McDonald’s quoted statement on the mailer appears to conflate Higgin’s service to the military with McDonald’s own active duty military service in Afghanistan.

Here is how the Alaska Dispatch News described Higgins work in 2012:

“He moved earlier this year to a tiny island more than 2,000 miles west of Honolulu for a human resources job with Chugach Alaska Corp., a Native corporation that provides services for the Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site. It’s a test facility for U.S. missile defense and space research programs in the Republic of the Marshall Islands.”

So, does doing a human resources job for a native corporation on a tropical island in a safe area where no one is in harm’s way really equal the sacrifice and service of active duty military personnel in a war zone?

Millett apparently didn’t think so. She responded to that mailer by posting this to Facebook:


Here is our two cents. Both sides are overplaying this, but Higgins’ strategy is worse. No one is going to buy off on the idea that serving in elected office from 2,000 miles away was ok because his HR work in the Marshall Islands is equivalent to what our active-duty soldiers have been facing in Afghanistan. That is just offensive on its face.

Stolen Mail — Remember that dust up last Monday between the Alaska GOP and Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate Joe Miller? It was in part about Joe disclosing a donation from the Alaska GOP because he unearthed tons of their unsent mailers from six years ago attacking Lisa Murkowski and supporting him? The Party said they never made such a donation.

Well, the fight is back. Joe took things to the next step and actually mailed a bunch of those mailers over the weekend.


The Party is now very upset. But what can they do about it? They made and gave away the mailers. All Miller did was get them and send them.

That is just good old fashion campaign work.

Too Far For Trump? — Yesterday, the Alaska GOP shared this video of a Trump speech on Facebook.


The problem? The page they shared it from is a white supremacist website call The West Is Dead. Now we’d normally give the person or group a pass on such a share, I mean who among us does a full background check on everything we share on social media?

Here is the problem, however, the Party added the snippet at the bottom to their post about 36 minutes after the initial posting.


That means someone told them they had shared a white supremacist website posting and instead of pulling it down and apologizing, they just added that they are ok with the racist tie to their organization because they really wanted to post Trump’s speech.

We. Are. Speechless.


Alaska Republican Party Chairman Tuckerman Babcock called us a few minutes ago and said he wasn’t aware the site that posted the video was a white supremacist site and he is taking down the video.

Fill It In, Write It In — Our sources up north are telling us Rep. Ben Nageak, who was narrowly defeated by Dean Westlake in the House District 40 Democratic primary after a protracted legal fight, is working on a write-in campaign. Nageak can still do that because the write-in candidate filing deadline isn’t until five days before the election.

Nageak was overwhelmingly supported by the Alaska Republican Party and the regionally powerful native corp ASRC in his primary bid. They may be willing to help him this time around as well.

Just because Nageak can still file his paperwork in the next few days doesn’t mean he isn’t running out of time. Early and absentee votes are already being cast every day.

Moving Up In The World, Maybe — Excellent sources from the Southeast Alaska tell us Juneau Republican Rep. Cathy Munoz is saying openly she will be the next Co-Chair of House Finance if the GOP maintains control of the House and Rep. Steve Thompson moves up to become Speaker. Barring that, she says she will join a bipartisan majority, but not be part of its leadership.

Voting In Force — Early voting numbers are coming in pretty strong for Alaska.  Here are the totals as of Wednesday and the totals for the complete election in 2012 and 2014.

registration-numbers2012 2014

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3 Comments on "Monday in the Sun!!! – Bonus Edition"

  1. Regarding the Alaska Republican Party maintaining a link to a white supremacist website after it was pointed out, all I can say is : I’m with you. Speechless.

    What do members of the Alaska Delegation say about it?

  2. Charisse Millett and the Alaska Republican have the same motto: “When they go low, we go lower.”

  3. Re Higgins’ mailer. It is somewhat shameful that Higgins would compare the luxury lifestyle of a DOD contractor to a GI in Afghanistan. BTW, Forrest McDonald, you have just violated the Hatch Act and DOD policy by appearing in uniform in a political ad. What’s your defense?

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