November 2016

The Midnight Sun Podcast (November 27)

In our post-Thanksgiving episode, Casey Reynolds and Forrest Dunbar discuss Trump exhaustion, a federal redistricting decision out of Wisconsin that may impact Alaska races, and the timing of the Vote-By-Mail and PFD Automatic Voter Registration system implementation. In addition, Senator Bill Wielechowski stops by for an in-depth discussion of oil tax policy, the budget deficit, and his ongoing lawsuit regarding the Permanent Fund Dividend.

Miller Breaks Libertarian Record

Here is another interesting article by Dr. Eric Ostermeier on the site Smart Politics. This one shows Joe Miller outperformed any previous Libertarian Party candidate in a U.S. Senate race since at least 1976.

But was Miller really a Libertarian Party candidate? It sure looked to a lot of people like was he just renting their slot on the ballot and using it as a base from which to once again wage war against his white whale, Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Either way, Miller still showed he was a far more voter-friendly candidate than anyone else to appear on Libertarian line possibly ever.

Anchorage Receives Improved Bond Rating Outlook

Despite the inability of the Alaska State Legislature to adopt a comprehensive solution to the State’s fiscal crisis and the huge uncertainty that creates for both the private sector and local governments, at least one bond rating agency is looking more favorably upon the Municipality of Anchorage’s credit worthiness.

The Midnight Sun Podcast (November 18)

The Midnight Sun’s Casey Reynolds is joined by Assemblyman and former Alaska congressional candidate Forrest Dunbar to discuss Governor Bill Walker replacing his Chief of Staff, former Senator Johhny Ellis coming out as a gay man, Alaska Republicans and Alaska Democrats both shaking up their staffs, and we interview Representative-elect Jennifer Johnston.