Murkowski Not Interested In Trump Administration Position


Both of Alaska’s senators have had their issues with President-elect Donald Trump over the course of this election cycle.

A big question facing Alaskans is now that the votes have been counted and heated campaign rhetoric is over, would they be willing to set aside any differences and work with Trump?

It’s a thought Sen. Lisa Murkowski would prefer not to contemplate, at least not in any role beyond her current one as Alaska’s senior senator.

In a piece posted today about failing energy bill negotiations in congress, Bloomberg included this quip from Murkowski:


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3 Comments on "Murkowski Not Interested In Trump Administration Position"

  1. Sort of odd to be not interested in something that’s not going to happen, since she publicly opposed Trump at the end. Not sure he’s the kind of guy who would reward that with a cabinet position- or any position.

    • …within Republican circles today, statements for public consumption addressing improbable or non-existent realities is pretty much the norm.

  2. Actually, in light of the election,

    the big question facing Alaskans today,

    is if, in the short term, we will avoid an extinction level event.

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