Millett Wins District 25 House Race….And Other Ballot Count Updates

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It has been a week and a half since the 2016 general elections. Most of us have begun moving past them or in many Democrats cases continued to pretend Trump was never elected. For a few poor candidates, however, their races are still too close to call so all they can do is wait nervously for the Division of Elections (DOE) to count the last few ballots in their race and settle things once and for all.

Rep. Charisse Millett (R) started this morning with the slimmest of leads over challenger Pat Higgins (D) in District 25, only 53 votes with 365 ballots to be counted today. That is more than enough to sway their race.  As it turns out, it didn’t.

Just about a half hour ago elections officials in Anchorage handed the poll tapes to campaign or party representatives that show Millett receiving 194 of those votes and Higgins getting 171. That is a net increase of 23 votes to Millett’s lead, which now stands at 76 votes.

Elections officials said there will only be another 50-100 ballots counted in the race as the last few absentee by mail votes dribble in. That means there is no long a reasonable path to victory for Higgins.  The race is over. Charisse Millett will be returning to Juneau.  She can now breath and relax.

DOE also counted ballots in less close, but still plausibly in-play races in District 22 (Rep. Liz Vazquez (R) vs. Jason Grenn (I) and District 27 (Rep. Lance Pruitt (R) vs. Harry Crawford (D).

In District 22, here is how things came out:

Begining Total Count Today New Total
Vazquez 3090 222 3312
Grenn 3317 193 3510
Darden 661 49 710

Grenn is the winner.

Here are the new numbers in District 27:

Begining Vote Total Count Today New Total
Pruitt 3795 214 4009
Crawford 3666 199 3865

Again, that is too large of a lead for Crawford to overcome. Pruitt wins.

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  1. …no one is going to move past a Trump election.

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