UPDATE: Millett Gains In Last Significant Batch Of Votes To Be Counted


Alaska’s closest state house race of 2016 is all but over…OFFICIALLY.

Pat Higgins’ (D) quest to unseat incumbent Rep. Charisse Millett’s (R) had its last hurrah today as officials at the Alaska Division of Elections (DOE) offices in Anchorage counted absentee by mail ballots that had come in from election day through the end of the day yesterday.

As we reported last week, Millett was leading Higgins by 76 votes after most questioned, early vote, and absentee ballots were counted.

Here is how today’s count went:


In case you can’t read that tape, Millett picked up another 17 votes. That gives her a 93 lead with just about every vote counted.

The only ballots potentially left uncounted are any that were mailed from overseas and arrive at the DOE offices before today’s close-of-business deadline. It is unlikely that number will exceed a half-dozen ballots total.

We called the race last week because we felt there weren’t enough outstanding ballots for Higgins to overtake Millett, but Millett now appears to have mathematically eliminated any chance of a Higgins comeback.

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