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Here is another interesting article by Dr. Eric Ostermeier on the site Smart Politics. This one shows Joe Miller outperformed any previous Libertarian Party candidate in a U.S. Senate race since at least 1976.

But was Miller really a Libertarian Party candidate? It sure looked to a lot of people like was he just renting their slot on the ballot and using it as a base from which to once again wage war against his white whale, Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Either way, Miller still showed he was a far more voter-friendly candidate than anyone else to appear on Libertarian line possibly ever.

Here is an excerpt from Dr. Ostermeier’s piece:

Miller not only far exceeded his polling numbers (which usually had him in the mid- to high teens), but he demolished his party’s mark for its all-time best showing in a race for the office.

Smart Politics examined the more than 330 Libertarian U.S. Senate candidates to appear on the general election ballot since 1976 and found that Joe Miller’s 29.4 percent showing in Alaska this cycle crushed the party’s previous best performance by nearly 11 points.

Going into the 2016 cycle, the most support ever received by a Libertarian U.S. Senate nominee was the 18.4 percent claimed by Michael Cloud in Massachusetts 2002 election won by John Kerry. However, Kerry and Cloud did not face a Republican opponent in that race.

In fact, four of the previous five best U.S. Senate electoral showings in Libertarian history were held in races in which only one major party nominee was on the ballot:

  • Indiana’s Steve Osborn in 2006: 12.6 percent (no Democrat against Dick Lugar)
  • Kansas’ Steven Rosile in 2002: 9.1 percent (no Democrat against Pat Roberts)
  • Virginia’s Jacob Hornberger in 2002: 7.1 percent (no Democrat against John Warner)

Miller, however, faced a full slate of candidates. In addition to Murkowski, Miller was opposed by a Democratic nominee (Ray Metcalf, 11.1 percent) as well as an independent candidate who had the support of some prominent Alaska Democrats (Margaret Stock, 13.7 percent). Two other independents were also on the ballot (Breck Craig and Ted Gianoutsos).

The previous high water mark for a Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate in an election in which both major parties fielded a nominee was set by Carla Howell of Massachusetts in 2000.

In that race, Howell won 11.9 percent — nearly beating Republican Jack Robinson (12.9 percent) as Ted Kennedy cruised to an 8th term. Miller crushed Howell’s record by 17.5 points.

The remaining Top 10 Libertarian U.S. Senate performances over the decades were turned in by Arizona’s Scott Grainger in 1994 (6.8 percent), Montana’s Dan Cox in 2012 (6.6 percent), Missouri’s Jonathan Dine in 2012 (6.1 percent), and Indiana’s Andrew Horning in 2012 (5.7 percent).


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  1. And if Mark Begich had run as a Libertarian, he would have pulled in even more votes than Joe Miller… BFD.

    Joe’s three time losing streak in six years is only eclipsed by the Libertarian parties purpetual losing streaks.

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