November 2016

Millett Wins District 25 House Race….And Other Ballot Count Updates

It has been a week and a half since the 2016 general elections. Most of us have begun moving past them or in many Democrats cases continued to pretend Trump was never elected. For a few poor candidates, however, their races are still too close to call so all they can do is wait nervously for the Division of Elections (DOE) to count the last few ballots in their race and settle things once and for all.

Alaska Democrats Looking For New Face To Lead Party

Longtime Alaska Democratic Party (ADP) Executive Director Kay Brown announced late today she will be retiring in January. ADP Communications Director Jake Hamburg, who himself leaving the party at the end of this week, said this afternoon the Party will be accepting applications to fill the ED position through December 2. After that, per the APD’s party plan, a seven-member committee that includes Party Chairwoman Casey Steinau will be formed to evaluate applicants and make a hire.

Murkowski Not Interested In Trump Administration Position

Both of Alaska’s senators have had their issues with President-elect Donald Trump over the course of this election cycle. A big question facing Alaskans is now that the votes have been counted and heated campaign rhetoric is over, would they be willing to set aside any differences and work with Trump?

DAPL Fight Comes To Alaska

The sticky issues surrounding natural resource development and tribal sovereignty wrapped up in the national flap over the Dakota Access Pipeline are coming to Alaska. At least they will if one group has its way.

Ballot Count Update

With several state legislative races still too close to definitively call a winner and vote totals that haven’t moved since election night, plenty of candidates and voters alike want to know when we will know more.

Election Self-Reflection

The election is over; it is now time for some self-evaluation here at The Midnight Sun. We pride ourselves on calling it like it is, whether that supports the positions of those on the Left or those on the Right, no matter who it ticks off, we try to stay above the fray. (Even though it tends to tick off a lot of people)

In order to fully embody that spirit, we have to call it like it is on our own prognostications and assumptions going into the election. That’s what this article is about. What did we get right and what did we get wrong.