Group Fighting To Save Obamacare Launches TV Ads in Alaska

A national coalition of caregivers and healthcare advocates called Alliance for Healthcare Security ( has begun running tv ads in Alaska in an effort to stop congress and President-elect Trump from repealing Obamacare.

The group says this ad will run on KTUU, KYUR, KTBY, and KTVA:

“Suppose a loved one needed a major operation, but couldn’t afford it because they’d lost their insurance? That’s what will happen to many if Congress repeals healthcare,” the ad states. “30 million will lose coverage. Insurance premiums will skyrocket. Hospitals will lose billions. Our current healthcare system isn’t perfect, but this rush to rip it apart without a plan that protects our care will have devastating consequences for you and your family. Call your Senator: Don’t repeal our healthcare. We need care, not chaos”

According to a statement from the group:

“These ads aim to remind Members of Congress that repealing the Affordable Care Act without an immediate replacement plan will plunge our healthcare system into crisis, lead almost immediately to skyrocketing premiums as insurance markets across the country collapse, and could lead state and local governments to raise taxes on working families to cover the cost of cuts to the Medicaid program. The healthcare chaos and financial instability unleashed by a rush to repeal the ACA could prevent nurses, doctors and caregivers from delivering the quality care Alaskans are counting on.”

The ad is a nationally produced spot designed to run in several states, rather than one tailored to Alaska. Instead of asking viewers to contact Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan specifically, the spot generically asks for calls to “your Senator”.

We’ve poked around conservative corners and there as yet seems to be no organized effort in Alaska to counter this group’s message.

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