Don Young Makes Friend Across The Aisle

Alaska Rep. Don Young has a reputation for being gruff and making harsh comments about those who oppose Alaska’s interests, but he has also been in Congress longer than most Alaskans have been alive and knows how to get along with his colleagues.

This story out of Maine shows that is still the case. — “Pingree, a Democrat, spoke about the need to communicate with others, even those they don’t agree with. She shared a story of her blossoming relationship with Don Young, a Republican congressman from Alaska, who supports oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northeast Alaska, something she opposes.”

“I would have never spoken to Don Young in a million years,” she said. But Young traveled to Maine, and Pingree and Young both spoke on an environmental panel on sea rise. While they don’t see eye to eye on many things, they got to know each other as people.”

“It changed our relationship,” Pingree said.”

“Young recently gave her a bear hug and asked when the two were going to work on legislation together.”

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