Taxi Industry Polling Tells Assembly Everything Is Great In Anchorage

With the Anchorage Assembly considering an ordinance tonight that would add more taxi permits in the coming years before eliminating the city’s cap on permits altogether, our sources on the Assembly are telling us the taxi industry is ramping up their lobbying effort to stop it.

As part of that effort, the industry commissioned the poll below from Ivan Moore’s Alaska Survey Research showing how thrilled the good people of Anchorage are with the taxi service in their community. The poll shows that 72% of people that have taken up to 50 rides in the last year are satisfied.

That is a pretty good number for those advocating for the continuation of Anchorage’s closed taxi market.

It doesn’t, however, address the public policy questions the Assembly has asked about citizen’s access to taxi service during bar break in Downtown Anchorage or anytime in outlying areas such as Chugiak/Eagle River. It also isn’t a compelling argument against the 900-pound gorilla in the taxi regulation fight — whether to continue to bar Uber from the Anchorage market.

Here is the Ivan Moore poll as it was sent to members of the Assembly:

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  1. So what this survey cannot measure is the number of people who are so dissatisfied with taxi service in Anchorage, that they avoid it – and instead seek alternate forms of transportation. When I was a Seattle resident, I took cabs several times per month, and Uber/Lyft once a week or more. The argument that additional permits would dilute the existing business isn’t a sound one. If there were more options, and if those options offered a better user experience – people would *choose* to use a cab/ride share service more frequently.

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