Alaska Politics Gets Fantasy League


I’ve long been calling for it (for someone other than me to do the work, that is): the creation of a fantasy league for Alaska politics. Yes, the same kind of fantasy league you might be in for football, or basketball, or even baseball, if you have that kind of time on your hands.

Now our friend Patrick Race (@alaskarobotics on Twitter) has created a fantasy league where you can pick your favorite Alaska politicians and play them against other Alaska political enthusiasts’ picks, with a real world based scoring model.

How awesome does that sound?

Skeptical that a political environment can be converted to a fantasy scoring model? You should be; it is something new. But I can tell you from personal experience, it can be done. When I worked for the City of Kenai, I and some others who were forced by our work to attend every single city council meeting adapted those meetings into a fantasy league to great enjoyment. Heck, I even created a fantasy league for my fraternity meetings in college.

Trust me, it makes public meetings sooooo much easier to endure when you have some virtual skin in the game

If you’re interested in playing, here is the link to Race’s Alaska politics league page.

Race offers few details on the inner workings of the league on his website, so experienced sports fantasy leaguers will no doubt have a ton of questions. The idea of a poll-based scoring system rather than those based on cold and indisputable statistics, like most fantasy GMs have become accustomed to, will likely take some getting used to.  

We recommend just going with it. This is the first year for the league, so no doubt there will be kinks to be ironed out and improvements to be made for what we hope will be future incarnations.

For this year, just enjoy the novelty and the fun of pitting your Sen. Pete Kelly against your opponent’s Rep. Gabby LeDoux. Then thank Race for taking the time to put the group together.

I’m putting my team together right now.

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