Leaked Documents Outline Gov. Walker’s Proposal To Freeze State Worker Pay


Juneau Empire — Gov. Bill Walker is preparing to propose a bill that would freeze the pay of nonunion employees at the University of Alaska, Alaska Court System, Alaska Legislature and the executive branch.

According to a draft version of the bill obtained by the Empire, the bill would “(eliminate) the payment of merit step increases and pay increments between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2019” for those branches of government.

Gov. Walker promised a pay freeze in mid-December when he released his draft budget for fiscal year 2018.

“Governor Walker is proposing legislation to freeze remaining step increases for non-unionized employees, effective July 1, 2017. The bill is expected to reduce state spending by $10 million over two years,” a press release stated at that time.

The work draft obtained by the Empire is dated Dec. 30, and it is not clear whether the governor’s proposal has been modified since then. The proposal could even be withdrawn from consideration, but the draft obtained by the Empire indicates the proposal was in the final stages of preparation.

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  1. These are tough times for all Alaskans. Meanwhile, while the price of chips did increase, over in the legislature they are dining in a state subsidized “legislative only lounge”which costs the state $20,000 per month during the session (which now lasts well beyond 90 days) and the “fiscal conservative” house minority saw fit to hire a press agent for themselves for wages they won’t admit (but the last person earned $76,000 per year. And despite receiving an “office allowance” of between $16,000 and $20,000 these legislators did sacrifice by restricting themselves to ship (at additional state expense) only one vehicle to Juneau and back for the session. But we must remember that since legislative lounges and new hired press spokespersons are essential services, we in Anchorage are supposed to pay a sales tax for law enforcement on the Seward Highway. And how is that 2nd LIO comming along? You can’t make this stuff up……….

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