AK Legislature Releases 52 Prefiled Bills for 2017 Legislative Session


The first list of prefiled bills for the upcoming legislative session was released this morning.

As you might expect the list ranges from the banal (HB 7 by Rep. Kreiss-Tomkins to end the ban ballot selfies and HB 28 by Rep. Tarr increasing disclosure requirements for cosmetics) to hot button socials issues (HJR 1 by Rep. Josephson to repeal the Alaska Constitution’s ban on same-sex marriage).

Then there are bills introduced entirely as an act of political theater (SB 5 by Senator Meyer to crack down on Rep. LeDoux’s PAC and HJR by Rep-elect Rauscher to amend Alaska’s Constitution to make the state spending cap a real thing).

Oh, and how could we miss the whole slew of “I’m the one really protecting your PFD” bills. There seems to be a fight on between Sen. Wielechowski and the Mat-Su tag team of Sen. Dunleavy and Rep-elect Eastman to see who gets bragging rights on that one.

Here is the full list of prefiled bills and a brief explanation of each.  If you want to read the full text of any of them you can click here.

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