More Trumps, No Obamacare Repeal and Other 2017 Predictions From Political Consultants

The capitol building in Washington, DC. polled 18 national political consultants about what they see coming in 2017. They’re predictions range from politicians trying to duplicate Trump’s style to institutions revamping their digital security and outreach programs. 

Here are a few of our favorites:

Jason Cabel Roe, partner at Revolvis: “The love affair between President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans will dissolve when the new president doesn’t get his way and resorts to an executive order. Congress will show him the limits of executive power.”

Mark McKinnon, media consultant and television producer: “At some time during the next year, Democratic senator from West Virginia, Joe Manchin, will play a pivotal role in averting or solving a serious crisis. Or will be the glue that makes something significant happen on an important policy front. Look for him to be an MVP shuttling between Republicans and Democrats.”

Liz Mair, GOP digital consultant: Obamacare will not be “repealed” using any standard definition of that word. It will, at best, be reformed, but plenty of money will be spent describing what was done as repeal despite this.”

Laura Packard, partner at PowerThru Consulting: “2017 and beyond will produce a lot more candidates and elected officials like Trump — on the right and on the left. It’s no longer important to (at least appear) to tell the truth, because we all learned that your supporters will believe a charismatic candidate over the media or fact-checkers any day. Especially with the echo chambers produced by social media and slanted TV/radio channels.”

Josh Hendler, chief technology officer at Purpose: “2017 is going to be the year that the tech industry wakes up to the danger posed by Trump – in both word and deed. We’ll see an unprecedented amount of VC and philanthropic funding for political technology and progressive organizing infrastructure, and a shift away from the more techno-utopian open platforms of the past. We’re already seeing this amongst the rank and file technology workers, and it will bubble up.”

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