Murkowski One of “9 Senators Trump Must Watch Out For”


Yes, President-elect Donald Trump is about to occupy the most powerful office in the world. Before you get too excited or depressed by the possibilities that reality offers, The Hill tells us why 9 senators, including Alaska’s own Sen. Lisa Murkowski, could play a major role in restraining his agenda.

The Hill — “The fate of President Donald Trump‘s legislative agenda will be determined in the Senate.”

“Even though Republicans control the body, their 52-seat majority is thin and can’t stand many desertions. Each Republican senator is critically important. It will only take a few of them to stop the Trump train on any given issue.”

“With this in mind, it’s worth watching nine Republican senators who, for one reason or another, could play a big role — including that of adversary — on key parts of the new White House agenda.”

“There is also…Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who called on Trump to resign as presidential nominee after the “Access Hollywood” video surfaced.”

“For sure, Trump will have his hands full fighting off Democrats. They’ve already set up a war room to oppose him. But, the new president will also have to look over his shoulder at some of his fellow Republicans.”

“Yes, Trump is captain of the ship — but it will never leave the dock unless most of the Gang of Nine are on board.”

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