Walker “Probably” Running for Re-Election


Gov. Bill Walker may be having a hard time convincing Alaskans and state legislators he is on the right track, but national political journalists appear to be sold.

Those journalists are beginning to turn their attention to 2018 races and that includes Alaska’s gubernatorial race. Daily Kos recently picked up on a report by AP’s Becky Bohrer saying Walker will “probably seek re-election” and went on to cast Walker’s handling of Alaska’s fiscal crisis as “the adult approach.”

Daily Kos — “Independent Gov. Bill Walker, who won office in 2014 with the support of Democrats, has spent his entire tenure warring with legislative Republicans who refuse to face up to Alaska’s extraordinary budget crisis, brought on by falling oil prices. Walker’s taken the adult approach in trying to fix this multi-billion dollar problem, but that means many of his proposals—such as reinstating an income tax—are bound to be unpopular, perhaps so much so that he wouldn’t (or realistically couldn’t) run for a second term.”

“But now, reports the AP, Walker has said he’ll “probably seek re-election,” though that’s not a direct quote, and he didn’t offer a specific timetable for making a decision. But the same piece says Walker views his efforts to “fix Alaska” as something “he doesn’t expect to finish by 2018,” so he certainly sounds ready for more. However, if Walker remains an independent and does run again, Democrats would once again need to ensure they don’t have anyone on the ballot, lest they split the vote. And even the smallest diversion could upend the race, since Walker only won by 2 percent two years ago.”

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2 Comments on "Walker “Probably” Running for Re-Election"

  1. Governor Walker was dealt a bad hand yet he has done what he should have done regarding conserving our savings; however, he overplayed the gas export agenda. It is now seen as his alone and if he doesn’t get another four years the gas export project leaves with him. They aren’t even talking about it in the Legislature.
    Walker will be up against Begich and who know from the Republicans. If the legislature actually addressed the fiscal crisis (including restructuring the PFD ) this session and demonstrates he was on the right track, Governor Walker might have a chance, but the prognosis is very guarded. Neuman et. al are relying on stalling and non-cooperation (sound familiar). They are already calling to wait for a new Governor.

  2. Mark Begich is making way too much money to step into the governor dance. Governor Walker is using his Democrat counterpoint to encourage democrats to forego a candidate. Any republican of standing has a substantial chance to defeat Walker because there are substantial single issue voters who rarely vote who will come out in substantial numbers against Walker. They are slightly pissed off. I predict a one term governor.

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