6 Days Into Presidency Large Number of Voters Support Impeaching Trump


Earlier today, Public Policy Polling (PPP) released the results of their latest national poll and it was packed with startling numbers. There is the fact that people rate every recent American president except Nixon better than Trump. Also of note is that Democrats have opened up an eight-point lead (48-40) over Republicans in the generic congressional ballot. 

The craziest result in the poll, and maybe the craziest polling number I’ve seen in a while, is how many voters already say they support impeaching Trump:

PPP — “35% of voters already say they support impeaching Trump, to 50% who say they’re opposed. We will continue to regularly poll on impeaching Trump as long as issues like his tax returns, business interests, and ties with Russia remain unresolved.”

Only 50% of voters oppose impeaching a guy who took office 6 days ago? Crazy.


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2 Comments on "6 Days Into Presidency Large Number of Voters Support Impeaching Trump"

  1. I called on inaugeration day and asked my senator to initiate impeachment on Monday. Actually, I was calling for something else, but it just kind of popped out of my mouth. On account of I can’t sleep at night because we’ve got a guy with A SERIOUS MENTAL ILLNESS in control of a whole lot of nuclear weapons. I never thought I’d say this, but I would be happy with Mike Pence as president at this point, because even though he has weird obsessions with what other people are doing in their own bedrooms and doctor’s offices, at least he won’t cause a nuclear holocaust.

  2. Donald Trump is the personification of the character Howard Beale in the movie “Network” – a bombastic showman who rises to political prominence by exploiting national media under the slogan “I’m mad as hell and I not going to take it anymore” which is as vague and ill defined as “Make America Great Again”. As was Beale, Donald Trump is now being exploited for agendas he doesn’t seem to grap. At this point President Trump is relatively harmless; however, I fear he will actually become dangerous as the pressure of office increases and his political allies abandon him. His rash approach to issues is not going unnoticed and there is already proposed federal legislation to limit his ability to initiate the use of nuclear weapons other than for immediate retaliation to a verified launch or an actual attack.

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