BREAKING: Murkowski Announces She Will Vote Against DeVos Nomination

UNITED STATES - MAY 08: Lisa Murkowski, R-AK., during the Climate Change National Security Threats full committee hearing on "Climate Change: National Security Threats." (Photo By Douglas Graham/Roll Call/Getty Images)


Here is the statement from Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s office:


Murkowski Announces She Will Vote Against Education Secretary Nominee

Cites Need for Secretary to Support Public School Students


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) announced that she will vote “no” when the Senate takes the final vote on the nomination of Betsy DeVos to be Secretary of Education.

Senator Murkowski explained her reasoning on the Senate floor, saying:

“I have serious concerns about a nominee to be Secretary of Education who has been so involved in one side of the equation – so immersed in the push for vouchers – that she may be unaware of what actually is successful in the public schools, and what is broken or how to fix them.

Betsy DeVos must show us that she truly understands the children of Alaska and across America, both urban and rural, who are not able to access an alternative choice in education as in so many of my communities. She must show us that she will work to help the struggling public schools that strive to educate children whose parents are unable to drive them across town to get to a better school. That she will not ignore the homeless students whose main worry is finding somewhere safe to sleep and for whom their public school is truly a refuge. That she will fight for the children whose parents do not know how to navigate these educational options.”

(Click image to watch Senator Murkowski’s floor speech.)

Noting that she had “heard from thousands of Alaskans who have shared their concerns about Mrs. DeVos as Secretary of Education, by phone, in person, by email and through petition” and had carefully considered everything she learned from her private meetings with Mrs. DeVos, listening to her answers at her confirmation hearing, and reading her written responses, Murkowski ended her speech by saying:

“I conclude my remarks to make clear that my colleagues know firmly that I do not intend to vote, on final passage, to support Mrs. DeVos to be Secretary of Education.”

Click here for text of Senator Murkowski’s floor speech.

Background: Yesterday the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee, of which Senator Murkowski is a member, voted to refer Mrs. DeVos’ nomination for consideration by the full Senate. Senator Murkowski voted to move DeVos out of the HELP Committee due to her longstanding belief that the President has the right to name their Cabinet and that the full Senate should have the opportunity to consider and vote on those nominees. Senator Murkowski supports the Senate’s process that allows the DeVos’ nomination to come to the Senate floor for an up or down vote by all Senators.


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3 Comments on "BREAKING: Murkowski Announces She Will Vote Against DeVos Nomination"

  1. James Pankowski | February 1, 2017 at 1:12 pm | Reply

    Murkowski is worthless, a complete “bought and paid for” RINO. I don’t think she’s had a thought of her own since her father appointed her.

  2. Pretty safe move considering she was the deciding vote to get DeVos through committee, knowing that they don’t appear to have a third “defector”. But at least she’s showing some signs of resistance to the Trump autocracy, weak as it is.

    Eliot Cohen, former counsel to Condoleezza Rice under George W. Bush; “For the community of conservative thinkers and experts, and more importantly, conservative politicians, this is a testing time,” Cohen wrote. “Either you stand up for your principles and for what you know is decent behavior, or you go down, if not now, then years from now, as a coward or opportunist. Your reputation will never recover, nor should it.”

  3. Perhaps the current political climate in America is the greatest indictment of our public system of education which continues to advance children more because of their age than their academic proficiency and remains aligned to an agrarian system of crop harvest leaving months of (now) unproductive time in each year. That said, parenting counts and an unmotivated, undisciplined, hungry and/or fearful child needs a loving family environment and no voucher school is going to necessarily provide that anymore than a public school. We are seeing yet another solution in search of a problem.

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