Anchorage Election Field Set


Today at 5 PM was the deadline for candidates filed to run for local office to drop out and have their names taken off the ballot.

Yesterday, two insignificant assembly candidates dropped out, Kevin Smestad in East Anchorage and Stephany Jeffers in Chugiak/Eagle River.

Today saw only one more leave, Patrick Donnelly, also in the Chugiak/Eagle River assembly race.

That leaves plenty of interesting races including for the April ballot including a two-conservative race in Chugiak/Eagle River, a two liberal race Downtown, head-to-head Republican challengers to left-of-center incumbents in West Anchorage and East Anchorage and a multi-candidate melee in Midtown.

It should be an interesting election cycle.

Here are the major candidates for each race. Note that we did not list all candidates

Chugiak/ Eagle River

Righty — John Brassell
Righty — Fred Dyson
Lefty — Gretchen Wehmhoff


Righty — Chris Cox
Righty — Warren West
Lefty — Chris Constant
Lefty — David Dunsmore
Unknown — Mark Martinson
Unknown — Albert Swank

East Anchorage

Righty — Don Jones
Lefty — Pete Petersen

West Anchorage

Righty — David Nees
Lefty — Tim Steele

South Anchorage

Righty — Albert Fogle
Lefty — Suzanne LaFrance


Righty — Don Smith
Lefty — Felix Rivera
Lefty — Marcus Sanders
We Don’t know How To Classify Him — Ron Alleva

School Board Seat C

Rightie — Dave Donley
Rightie — Alisha Hilde
Libertarian — Tasha Hotch
Lefty — Christopher Jamison
Lefty — James Smallwood

School Board Seat D

Lefty — Albert Berke
Lefty — Andy Holleman
Lefty — Patrick McCormack
Righty — Kay Schuster

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