Murkowski, Sullivan Release Joint Statement On Meeting With Trump

From Sen. Lisa Murkowski and Sen. Dan Sullivan:

Murkowski, Sullivan Comment on Meeting With President Trump

WASHINGTON, D.C.  – U.S. Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan (both R-AK) issued the following statement after an hour-long meeting with President Trump and Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke at the White House this afternoon. The group discussed a wide array of issues important to Alaska.

“We had a productive meeting with President Trump and Secretary Zinke today, discussing everything from a road for King Cove and fisheries to national security, responsible resource development, and reigniting economic growth in Alaska. We also discussed Alaska’s strategic location and the importance of Alaska’s military forces to America’s national security. It was a great opportunity for us to explain the challenges facing Alaska, particularly access to our lands, waters, and resources, and to start talking about real solutions. Since the federal government controls more than 60 percent of Alaska’s land, it’s imperative that we move away from the direction of the previous administration — unilateral decisions that locked up our federal areas — and instead partner to increase energy production, mineral development, and timber harvesting. Given the state of our economy and our budget, now is the time to recognize these opportunities and empower Alaskans.”


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1 Comment on "Murkowski, Sullivan Release Joint Statement On Meeting With Trump"

  1. Senators Murkowski and Sullivan,

    Please quit dealing with this megalomaniac and do your jobs as part of the legislative branch by “check and balancing” this guy out. The Trump/Pence campaign is suspected of colluding with a hostile foreign entity…….and not only are you not investigating him, you are choosing to normalize him and his autocracy.

    Your fellow Senators, McCain and Graham, appear to have both moral fiber and actual backbones. If you do not have those qualities within you, then neither of you have any business in your current positions.

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