Trumpcare Won’t Reflect Concerns and We Won’t Know It’s Cost


Republican’s Obamacare repeal and replace bill is scheduled for a vote in the House on Thursday, but according to Politico Playbook what House members will be voting on won’t reflect the concerns of conservative members or have a known price tag:

“But it’s also become increasingly apparent to the White House that the conservatives’ requests, which include phasing out Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion earlier and deregulating the insurance industry, are unlikely to pass the Senate. Multiple administration and Hill sources close with GOP leadership now expect a couple smaller tweaks to the legislation this week before the vote. But by-and-large they feel talks with the far-right are just about done, and that they can’t give conservatives everything they want.”


“JUST ASKING … With all the talk of last-minute changes to the House Republicans’ health-care bill, will the public know the true cost of the legislation? Will the Congressional Budget Office have the time to update the number of Americans uninsured, and the updated price tag, by Thursday’s vote?”

Will Rep. Don Young still vote for it?

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  1. Well you know that all three probably want to vote for it. The question is, do Sullivan and Murkowski think that they can actually get elected again if they do. Don Young? He could do anything and still get elected. He could be the House John McCain/Lindsey Graham, and go after Trump’s craziness. So why would he even be considering a vote for such a garbage bill that will be so bad for so many of his constituents? That’s my question.

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