New Poll: Can Walker Win Alaska’s 2018 GOP Gubernatorial Primary?

Yesterday, we told you how some Democrats would do in their 2018 gubernatorial primary if it were held today. Today is the Republicans’ turn. Well, Republicans and Gov. Bill Walker.

But before we give you all the numbers, just as we did yesterday, we’ll tell you about the poll itself. The survey was conducted by Harstad Strategic Research, Inc. and sampled registered voters in Alaska between March 22 – April 2.  You can see the sample breakdowns here:

The poll asked voters who say they normally vote in GOP primaries who they would vote for if their choices for Governor were former Speaker of the House Mike Chenault, former candidate for U.S. Senate Joe Miller, former gubernatorial candidate John Binkley, current State Senators Mike Dunleavy and Peter Micciche, and current Governor Bill Walker.

Walker’s inclusion in the poll is interesting. We’ve told you in recent months that we believe if at least 3-4 candidates get in the GOP primary — Alaska GOP Vice-Chairman Rick Whitbeck has said on numerous occasions he has a list of about 50 names of people who could run — then Walker would likely have a path to victory if he jumped in.

The rest of model looks like a good mix of names. There are candidates from various areas of the state including Kenai, Mat-Su, Valdez, and Fairbanks, current legislators and those who can play the “outsider” card, and a blend of business conservatives, social and fiscal conservatives, and moderates. The pollster gave Republican voters options that varied in enough ways to see where they really stand.

Here is how numbers came out:

Joe Miller dominates with 25% of the vote, with Walker coming in just behind him at 19%. The rest barely make a blip. That is likely because despite being well-known names in political circles most voters likely have never heard of them.

Now, here’s where things get really interesting. Look at what happens when respondents are asked their second choice, or who they would vote for if Miller or Walker (the top two picks) weren’t in the election.

Interestingly, Joe Miller is Walker voters’ top second choice (19%), and in what will come as a shock to many, Walker is the second choice of a full quarter of Miller voters. It should come as no surprise, then, that when either Walker or Miller are taken out of the race, the other takes a commanding position. Miller gets 37% without Walker, three times his closest competitor, and Walker comes in with 25% without Miller, two and half times anyone else.

Finally, if Walker and Miller went head to head, Miller would start off 12 points ahead at 33% to 21%, with a hefty 46% undecided.

The conclusion has to be that if the GOP primary attracts more than one credible candidate other than Walker, the Governor would have a plausible path to victory if he chooses to go that route for reelection. The only Republican currently positioned to disrupt such a move is everyone’s favorite beard, Joe Miller.

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2 Comments on "New Poll: Can Walker Win Alaska’s 2018 GOP Gubernatorial Primary?"

  1. Go Joe!!!
    Eventually, AK voters will wake up and vote you into an office, instead of, constantly voting in the same old dirty liars.
    It’s still hard to imagine voters not choosing you in the past elections.
    There is really something wrong with the majority of them.
    The vote should have been overwhelming for you, each time.
    Of course, we realize that a good portion of opposition votes were fraudulent, along with some aspects of the process.
    But, the votes for you should have been so high that the fraud wouldn’t matter.
    Frankly speaking, the reality is, most people who claim to be Conservative, really aren’t.
    And many people who claim to have a patriotic, liberty mindset, really don’t.
    Liars elect liars.
    They say one thing but they do something else because they think they can get something that they know they shouldn’t get.
    The ironic part is, the liars vote for liars who claim to have something to give them, but they rarely deliver, and if they do deliver there are stings attached.
    The majority of AK voters deserve all the misery they get, right down to having their PFD stolen.
    Unfortunately, the wise voters have to suffer, as well.
    Our family will be praying for you, and supporting you, as always, but given the selfish mentality of most AK voters, and their very wretched track record, we really won’t be having high hopes.
    In fact, with the recent political activities and laws requested and allowed by the voters, it’s really surprising to see a poll with such high numbers for you.
    AK voters are not acting as though they want someone like you.
    So, the poll results are rather odd.
    You are the better man, but do AK voters really want that?
    Let’s hope so.

  2. I don’t know anyone where I live that’s going to vote for Walker.Everybody that I have talked to says that they hate Walker.

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