Coghill Keeps Promise and Delivers

Senator John Coghill emerged victorious in last November’s election.  Coghill won reelection by a solid margin, but it’s also true to say that his campaign was a bruising affair.  Most of the bruises came from combined criticism over his criminal justice reform bill, SB 91, and the state senate’s failure to pass the Police & Fire Survivorship bill.

The senate’s excuse, voiced by Senator Cathy Giessel, that they “ran out of time” to get the survivorship bill passed was particularly lame.  During the campaign, Fairbanksan Brandy Johnson, a widowed wife of a trooper, released a video criticism of Coghill that went viral.  It was also boosted with paid reach as well.

Brandy Johnson video

However, Coghill reacted by promising to get the bill passed in the current session.  And today, it’s on the senate floor for adoption.  Coghill appears to have kept his word, and he should be congratulated. I suspect Brandy Johnson will be saying thank you too.

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