TrumpCare–Don Young May Make the Difference

The U.S. House of Representatives looks likely to hold another vote tomorrow to repeal Obamacare, and the margins for a successful repeal appear to be razor thin.  Speaker Ryan has gotten the ultra-conservative Freedom Caucus onboard, and is now buying back the moderates he lost with his bargain with the Freedom Caucus.

Michigan congressman Fred Upton was purchased with an $8 billion down-payment towards pre-existing condition coverage, even though its only $62 per American with a preexisting condition. Representatives Upton, an influential voice in Republican health policy, and Billy Long of Missouri, a close ally of President Trump’s, told reporters after a meeting with Mr. Trump on Wednesday that they had been won over.

In the first repeal vote,  Don Young was quoted as saying that Speaker Ryan was on his knees begging for Young’s vote. Will Young sell his vote?  Will he get something good for it?

The bottom line is that Alaska gets the shortest end of the stick on these repeal efforts.  Young and Murkowski have been pretty strong in their convictions that they don’t want a repeal that hurts Alaska. Ted Stevens’ quote, “To hell with politics, just do what’s right for Alaska.” has to be ringing in Young’s head.

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5 Comments on "TrumpCare–Don Young May Make the Difference"

  1. ratfishtim | May 3, 2017 at 3:04 pm | Reply

    Don Young was quoted yesterday saying that the bill “hurts Alaska.” It change how rural states like Alaska are reimbursed for costs (doesn’t recognize high costs), harm Medicaid, and now doesn’t guarantee coverage for pre-existing conditions. The $8 billion being added still results in a huge shortfall for high risk pools- with huge, unaffordable premium spikes for people with pre-existing conditions.

    It’s hard to believe that Don Young would vote for a bill that he knows is terrible for Alaska.

    p.s. You mentioned Young’s and Murkowski’s convictions about not harming Alaska. What about Sullivan?

  2. akbatgirly | May 4, 2017 at 7:59 am | Reply

    From the CBPP site; “Older Alaskans would face even greater challenges. That’s because the House
    bill lets insurers charge older people much higher premiums and cuts older people’s tax credits the most. For a typical 60-year-old Alaskan making $22,000 a year, premiums (after accounting for tax credits) would rise by $28,810.”

    So, my question is, will Don Young really screw over his own constituents to please a wildly unpopular president and a crazy bunch of tea partiers, and will Ethan Berkowitz, Bill Wielechowski, or Mark Begich please run for his House seat if he does?

  3. Yesterday late afternoon (Wednesday), I called Don Yong’s office. I asked the receptionist how he would vote on Trumpcare the next day. ALL news sources had announced the Trumpcare vote would take place on Thursday (today) at that time. The receptionist told me that Don had not made up his mind. I informed her that the vote was scheduled for Thursday (the NEXT day), and she responded that Don had not been informed that the vote was scheduled for the next day!! What’s the deal, Don? Sleeping again when the vital interests of Alaskans are at stake???

  4. Apparently he voted Yes. I hope everybody’s been saving their pennies up so they can afford the average extra $11,000/yr. in health costs.

  5. ratfishtim | May 4, 2017 at 2:55 pm | Reply

    Yep- Don Young made a difference. With 4 others he voted to hurt thousands of Alaskans, and millions of Americans. While voting to exempt himself from the bill- because he and other Republicans want to stay on Obamacare, and not apply the new rule on pre-existing conditions to themselves, their families, or their staffs.

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