Don Young Gets Smacked

The folks that think the Republican effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act in the House of Representatives was a bad idea aren’t ready to move on to the US Senate quite yet. They have purchased 1,000 points of broadcast TV reminding Alaskans that Don Young voted the wrong way.  A thousand points of TV means the targeted demographic will see this ad 10 times this week.  In politics, that’s a lot.

Don Young voted “No” on the first effort to repeal ObamaCare this year.  On the second attempt, with a repeal effort that is arguably worse for Alaska, he voted “Yes.”

Let’s hope he gets ANWR opened with the vote trade.

Watch the ad here.


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3 Comments on "Don Young Gets Smacked"

  1. $11,000/yr. increase in the average Alaskan’s health costs to be offset by opening ANWR? There must be a heck of a lot of oil, if Don Young thinks that’s a good trade.

    • Opening ANWR will not offset the royal screwing of thousands of Alaskans by the bill Young supported.

    • Correction; apparently it’s actually a $12,600/yr. avg. increase in annual health costs. Speaking for myself, that is just so not worth it. Is this one of those fabulous deals that Trump is always bragging about? If so, then yes, with this one amazingly crappy bill that the House Republicans have managed to pass, I am already “sick and tired of winning”.

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