Murkowski Talks “Special Prosecutor” for Trump

Senator Murkowski posted the following statement on her Facebook page today.

Like many Alaskans, I’m concerned about the continuous and often conflicting reports about President Trump, the FBI and Russia. The American people deserve to know the truth. I still maintain that the Senate Intelligence Committee should continue conducting a thorough and fair investigation. At the same time, it’s imperative that we – Congress, the FBI, the Administration – work to restore the public’s trust. In order to gain that credibility, it may be that we need to look to an independent commission or special prosecutor.


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3 Comments on "Murkowski Talks “Special Prosecutor” for Trump"

  1. So I notice that after months of avoiding requested Town Hall Meetings, etc., Sullivan is having one and now Murkowski comes out with this. I can’t help but think that they’ve gotten everything they could out of Trump (executive orders bringing back crazy people buying guns, killer pesticides and coal, firing top EPA scientists and erasing climate change, etc.) before they now realize that they just might not get elected if they don’t do something about the naked emperor.

    They knew about Trump and the Russians last summer, it was common knowledge in the capitol. Mother Jones publicly came out with an article on it in October. They were just scurrying around trying to get as much nasty mischief done until the wheels finally fell off the Trump Bus.

    Hopefully, by the time Murkowski and Sullivan are up for re-election, people will remember their cynical, ultra-partisan, party-before-country behavior, and replace both of them. I don’t care if they’re replaced by Republicans, as long as it’s two people who have the morality to do what’s right for the right reasons, not just because they can’t keep doing the wrong thing without unwelcome consequences!

    • Our senators knew about the Clintons’ role in selling America’s uranium to Russia, getting vastly inflated fees for speeches made to Russians, classified State Department emails showing up on Anthony Weiner’s computer, and telling the FBI to back out of a DNC Russian hacking investigation, but we’re not hearing so much from them about a special prosecutor to restore public trust about any of those issues, are we?
      Had few expectations of Murkowski, but Sullivan, the Marine, what a disappointment.

  2. A special prosecutor to prosecute what, the loss of public trust?
    If that were a crime, certain senators and their colleagues should have been gone years ago.
    Some senators should stick to what they seem to know and care about most: getting money for their handlers.
    If that venerable process is threatened by draining the swamp and making America great again, so be it!

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