TrumpCare Questions Alaskans Need Answered

The driving tenant of the Midnight Sun is to keep Alaskans from being in the dark about local, state, and national issues. But it’s hard to hold up our end of the bargain when it comes to the healthcare issue because most of the bill crafting for healthcare repeal is going on behind closed doors. We simply get vague snippets from those involved and conjecture from those who aren’t.

The snippets we’ve seen have painted a dire picture for Alaska–loss of coverage, loss of services, and a sharp increase in costs for everyone. And while Senator Murkowski has been more forthcoming than most about some of her concerns, Alaskans deserve to know where our Congressional delegates stand on some key issues that are causing individuals, organizations, and businesses a great deal of anxiety as we hang in healthcare limbo.

Here are a few questions that we would like answered directly by our delegates. Will you:

  1. allow 62,500 Alaskans to lose coverage;
  2. protect the 261,120 Alaskans with pre-existing conditions who are at risk of losing their coverage (this includes 35,680 children);
  3. allow premiums to go up 16 percent;
  4. allow insurance companies being able to charge up to 5 times more to people age 53 – 64;
  5. allow a bill to pass that would cause an Alaskan living in rural Alaska to pay for healthcare that would exceed their income;
  6. allow Congress to gut Medicaid and put 171,000 Alaskans who depend on it—including children, seniors, and people with disabilities—at risk;
  7. allow 14,400 Alaskans to lose the coverage they’ve gained under Medicaid expansion;
  8. allow their Congressional counterparts to rush a healthcare repeal bill through the Senate, with no public hearings or bi-partisan discussion, to appease President Trump’s political agenda?

At this point in the discussion, our delegates should have enough information to know where they stand on these issues, even if they don’t know how Congress will make their way to solving them. The Midnight Sun would like to join the chorus of Alaskans asking for some direct answers.


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4 Comments on "TrumpCare Questions Alaskans Need Answered"

  1. Rebecca Logan | June 3, 2017 at 11:56 am | Reply

    Good to see the midnight sun will continue writing about “snippets” and rumors instead of actual things occurring. Would have been good to hear you ask questions about the ACA after it passed and was the law- and Alaskans suffered greatly. Where were you when association plans in Alaska were ruined by the ACA and thousands of Alaskans were forced in to more expensive plans with less coverage? Did I miss the piece you wrote on what has happened to access for Alaskans? Especially those on medicare and Medicaid? It must have been the same piece you wrote about the exorbitant prices Alaskans are currently paying for healthcare – there were lots of – and still are lots of – Obamacare questions Alaskans need answered. That is the law of the land – if you were a non partisan blog – you could write a decent piece on what will happen to Alaskans if Obamacare stays in place.

    • Casey Reynolds | June 3, 2017 at 12:34 pm | Reply

      Pot meet kettle. It is hilarious to hear the Alliance chastise something as partisan. Theirs is the most ridiculously partisan blog and organization ever created.

      It is good to see the Midnight Sun is still reporting facts that make establishment mouthpieces like the Alliance uncomfortable.

    • ProtectOurCare | June 4, 2017 at 9:41 am | Reply

      Health insurance prior to the ACA was still “complex”. The ACA was 10+ years-in-the-making to address some key issues with our national healthcare system. As we all know, it is by no means perfect, given Alaska’s cost of care and geographic eccentricities to that of our multi-provider, larger population neighbor states. Regardless, the new AHCA (Trumpcare) sets precedents on Alaska’s healthcare infrastructure where nothing but superlatives should be used to explain the repercussions to our communities, health industry, and future viability to provide care. The Midnight Sun is simply stating the main talking points. Don’t worry, there are always “two sides” to this, however in the AHCA’s case, this other side is left up to assumptions that will place Alaska in a very precarious position. As always, I suggest we all be part of the solution. What do you suggest we do? What are your ideas? If The Alliance came forth with a solution…we are all ears. So far, no one has stuck their neck out. We are actively pursuing a solution…

  2. When someone tells me the number of folks who lost health care as a result of ACA, I will become concerned about the people who might lose it under the ‘Trump’ Health Care Act. There were many, including my husband and I, and some of them have responded with those stories when I’ve posted on other blogs and print many web pages. They are not few and they are not far between.

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